Screen refresh Rate

  Tenacious Green 09:46 13 Jun 2005

Good Morning All,

Could any one tell me what the optimal screen refresh rate is please? I am playing Doom 3 and am getting screen flicker which does not change when trying in game tweaks. I was wondering whether the screen refresh rate may help.

My Monitor support all my available screen refresh rate settimgs of 60hz to 85hz. Graphics card is Nvidia FX5900XT. What would be my optimum setting?

A brief explanation of Why? would be cool too so I can try and understand this better.

  SANTOS7 09:51 13 Jun 2005

Refresh Rate
In monitors based on CRT technology, the refresh rate is the number of times that the image on the display is drawn each second. If your CRT monitor has a refresh rate of 72 Hertz (Hz), then it cycles through all the pixels from top to bottom 72 times a second. Refresh rates are very important because they control flicker, and you want the refresh rate as high as possible. Too few cycles per second and you will notice a flickering, which can lead to headaches and eye strain.
info taken from here click here
hope this helps...

  Tenacious Green 09:58 13 Jun 2005

Thanks. So I should set mine to 85hz and see how I go. I've done that and things seem a little fuzzy and I mean a little. Is this my eyes adapting or does this indicat too high a setting?

  SANTOS7 10:06 13 Jun 2005

I have a 19 inch CRT set at 85Hz, screen resolution 1024-768 and have no probs with flicker

  Tenacious Green 10:09 13 Jun 2005


Many Thanks. The fuzziness seems to be disappearing. I think it was my eyes adapting. I'll leave it set at 85hz and resolution 1024 x 768 for my 17 inch CRT. Thanks again

  Stuartli 10:33 13 Jun 2005

A refresh rate of 85MHz is the best all round choice to prevent flickering for the vast majority of computer monitor users.

The optimal rate is actually 60MHz - not ideal to say the least....:-)

  Stuartli 10:38 13 Jun 2005

If you go to Display Properties (right click an empty area of the Desktop>Properties) and go to Settings>Advanced>Adapter tab, you will see a button stating List All Modes.

Clicking on the button will reveal all the colour settings/resolutions/refresh rates supported by your graphics card.

You can click on the most appropriate combination for your needs - also select Change settings without Reboot to save a lot of shutting down and rebooting...:-)

  madPentium 14:26 13 Jun 2005

if you have the refresh too high for the monitor, doesnt it damage it?

  Djohn 14:36 13 Jun 2005

It would if you tried to force it to in someway, but with monitors made in the past 5 years or so, they will just revert back to a lower setting or flash up a message to let you know your attempting to use an unsuitable refresh rate.

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