Screen problems with Nvidia

  Housten 17:21 10 Sep 2011

Good afternoon,

I have been a bit of a wally. I tried to update my screen driver via Nvidia and their latest update. Luckily I had kept the version I had on my computer – 258.96. So when their update failed – version 280.26 – I was able to go back to it. However I emailed and got a reply from Nvidia and followed their instructions - without any success. This I have done 2 or 3 times now, and I am now in the position whereby when I tried to re-install version 258.96 I now get the same comment that I was getting from 280.26 when I tried to install it – that is ' The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.'

What has now happened is that my computer has decided to go for an 800 x 600 screen rather than my normal 2024 x 768 and this is driving me mad. I have let Nvidia know that I have given up on trying to install their new driver – and that the previous one won’t install – but I do not expect any advice from them that won’t be the same as before. Short of doing a roll back does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get back to my ‘normal’ screen size?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  gengiscant 18:03 10 Sep 2011

Follow the instructions given here: Remove Nvidia

Updating drivers is not always necessary, most of the time an new driver just fixes a minor problem that you might not have, so there is no need to update just because it happens to be newer.

  birdface 18:05 10 Sep 2011

If the mouse has a scroll wheel on it hold down Ctrl and turn the wheel at the same time might help.

  gengiscant 08:04 11 Sep 2011


I think using your method will only increase/decrease the size of the desktop icons.

  Housten 12:13 11 Sep 2011

gengiscant and buteman,

Good morning, gentleman.

I am now thoroughly confused!! NOT, I hasten to add, with either of you. When I switched on this morning and I got to the 4 colours in the centre of the screen, with the branch going across the screen - I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit as the OS - I started playing 'solitaire'. Yes I know I am a bit sad, but it gives me something to do whilst waiting for the completion of the start up processes. It didn't strike me until later that as there are no installed Nvidia programmes - at least that was what I thought - that I shouldn't have to wait. But not only did I have to wait, but the screen appears back to 1024 x 768!! I use avast! and an offer appeared, which I thought I declined but suddenly found my self on the internet and when I clicked off from that found that 'Autoplay' had come on and was for a USB stick that was always in a port! Moreover, apart from 'solitaire', I had done nothing but there was a dialogue box open which said I had to re-start to make the changes that I had 'requested'. Now I can only re-assure you that I had done nothing, but it appears that I have the 1024 x 768 screen back but still have the delay, which I am now fairly certain is not Nvidia and so I have two queries : 1/ I had instructed the computer via 'Control Panel' that I wanted the 1024 x 768 and which yesterday I thought it was ignoring but perhaps it just needed a re-boot; so can windows 7 actually repair itself? and 2/ I still have the delay so could this be by a Microsoft update? and 3/ Is it worth doing a 'Restore' from a time when I am fairly certain that I had the previous Nvidia programme and no delay to see what happens when I update - BUT NOT Nvidia - Microsoft one by one? I know this will take some time but if it were to give me which is responsible I would be able to ask Microsoft why? What also concerns me is if I do a 'Restore' will any of the data files I have created since the date I choose to 'Restore' from be lost? And if 'Restore' doesn't work and I resort to trying a backup will I have the same problems?

Many thanks for reading this and I am very sorry it is so long, but I do try to take everything into account!! My wife says, sometimes, that I try to take too much into account but I feel I should cover all the bases I can think of as I am certain there are others that I don't even know about! Anyway many, many thanks for your advice and help!

  gengiscant 13:20 11 Sep 2011

Doing a restore,as far as I know does not affect any user files, I say as far as I know as I have not used system restore for some years,in fact I do not have it running as I have found that it rarely solved any problem that I had.

As I now use an 64GB SSD as my system disk with everything else on separate hard-drives its simpler to reinstall Windows and my programs than it is to mess about with system restore.

So I would restore to a time you are happy with, forget the Nvidia update and update Microsoft as usual.

  Housten 13:59 12 Sep 2011


Many thanks for your reply. I have already suggested that to Nvidia but they still seem to want to try but I came to the same conclusion a few days ago. My problem was that I decided to do a 'spring clean' and carried out a lot of work before the problem occurred, which will all have to be re-done. I suppose you could say I was being lazy by trying to avoid doing some work. In a way I would argue but I would have to concede there is a certain merit in that argument. But as a pensioner I suppose I am lazy, so I don't care but having to spend a few days re-doing work I have done is annoying. But that's life I suppose.......

  Housten 14:13 12 Sep 2011

PS Being a bit thick at the moment I forgot to mention a significant point. As version 280something of Nvidia appeared to be the problem it was suggested that I go back to 258something. This I did by deleting 280, but then 258 failed as well so I thought that I didn't have any screen drivers working and had to re-boot. BUT I still had the delay ( !! ), and my screen went to - I think - 800 x 600. I don't think it was until the next re-boot but then the screen suddenly went back to what I thought was 1024 x 768. In 'Control Panel' this morning I found 'Nvidia 'Control Panel' and tried it. well it said to look for updates so I let it run and it suggested 280something, so I don't know what is in there but it did say that I should use 1280 x 1024 ( or something similar!! ), so I have set that to be used but if I am not using it at the moment then it will the next time I boot up. I will see how it looks, as I can always revert to 1024 x 768, but if and when I do a 'Restore' I will see what I have got and make a final choice then. As we are away for a few days this will have to wait probably until next week, but then us lazy so-and-sos are never in a hurry, are we??

  Woolwell 14:19 12 Sep 2011

System restore doesn't affect data files but, and this is a big but, you should always have a back-up of your data files in case anything should go wrong.

I would not have clicked on an Avast offer. I do not click on anything that I do not know where it came from. Clicking on these sort of things is a recipe for introducing viruses and malware to your system.

The screen problem with a very basic display indicates that your driver was missing or incorrect. You should now check that you have a Nvidia driver installed. IMO you only update drivers if something is broken. If it ain't broke, etc.

  Housten 11:00 13 Sep 2011


Many thanks for you replies. I am awaiting a reply - yet again - from Nvidia, but I think I will have to do a restore. I was going to make a new and current Restore point before going back to an old one, but had not thought that I should do a back up of my data files. This I will do first, then the Restore and then see if I have lost any files. If I haven't I will do a full backup immediately, which will give me a base from which to work.

So many thanks to you all for all your replies, I am very grateful.

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