Screen Problems?

  Ankermi31 08:55 17 Jun 2008

Windows XP. All service packs installed.

I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that my screen seems to fluctuate with its colours mainly when I am on OE.

It opens with the white background (such as we have here) then whilst I am reading mail and composing mail it seems to change its background to a pale blue then reverts back to white and so on. Maybe a better description is like the sun coming out and disappearing.

Any ideas - could it be the graphics card, if so is this a DIY job or one for the expert?

Thanks Ankermi

  johndrew 14:58 17 Jun 2008

What is your screen? CRT, LCD, analogue/digital or is it on a laptop?

  Ankermi31 18:06 17 Jun 2008

Hi John

Its a desktop computer (not laptop)

It is a Philips 1706 17" Monitor

Screen resolution says its 1024 x 768 Colour 31 bpp

Many thanks await hearing further

  Ankermi31 18:07 17 Jun 2008

Sorry forgot the important bit its a LCD screen but suspect you will have worked that bit out from the previous.


  wee eddie 21:08 17 Jun 2008

On-board graphics or a Graphics Card. If the latter, have you tried re-seating the Card.

That's not really a solution but it reduces the possible causes of the problem.

Also check all your connections while you're at it.

  chub_tor 22:23 17 Jun 2008

If it is a slowly cycling effect then it may be some kind of electromagnetic interference usually more noticeable on a CRT but possible with LCD via an unshielded cable. Are you able to move the display to a different location or move it away from external speakers or preferably try a different cable?

  Ankermi31 08:45 18 Jun 2008

Hi wee eddie and chub-tor.

I think its a graphics card in the computer but as I am an absolute beginner no idea how to re-seat it and as you say its not really a solution do not see the point anyway.

club-tor. All my cables and connections have just been re-checked and all are definately in place. No idea what electromagnet interference it could be as everything is located in the same place and nothing new has gone on the desk. I do have a pair of speakers but these are hardly ever on.

I use a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse but have used these for a long while and no problems.

Any further thoughts?


  johndrew 10:36 18 Jun 2008

To re-seat the graphics card.

Turn the PC off at the mains socket.
Disconnect all peripherals at the rear of the PC but note where each plug is fitted.
Remove the left hand (as viewed from the front) side panel.
To reduce the risk if static damage touch a bare metal part of the chassis within the case.
The graphics card will be toward the rear of the case and level with one of the lower cut outs. This click here should help.
There is a screw holding the rear of the card to the rear panel of the case (see photo) remove it and keep it safe.
If the card has an extra power connector remove it noting where it goes.
At the front of the card there is a plastic locking clip, release it and gently ease the card out of the slot.
Visually examine the card for any signs of damage and if OK line it up with the slot and carefully push it home until the plastic locking clip you released is locked firmly. Reconnect any power plug and reinsert the screw at the mounting plate.
Refit the side panel and reconnect the peripherals. Power up and see if the problem is resolved.

  Ankermi31 08:56 28 Jun 2008

Many thanks everyone for your guidance and help.

John, I have retained the information you gave re the graphics removal but felt I was not experienced enough to do this type of thing.

The long and short of it is that for the time being at least the problem has disappared. What the problem was we may never know as it was there for at least 3 months!

Thanks again am now closing the problem.

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