screen print

  funnybone 11:29 14 Jun 2005

Can anyone tell me what screen print is. Does every computer have this or do I have to upgrade.

  Bobnik 11:39 14 Jun 2005

If you press the creen print button on your keyboard. Your PC will capture a picture of what is on your screen. Open up a black word document and press Ctrl V and the screen shot will be pasted onto the document. It is a good method of recording error codes and I've had a few of those!

  Joe R 11:41 14 Jun 2005


screenprint, is just a utility, which by pressing the printscreen button on your keyboard, should save the picture on screen at the time, to the clipboard.

  funnybone 11:51 14 Jun 2005

Where is the screeen print button?

  funnybone 11:53 14 Jun 2005

Just found the screen print button. Thanks

  Bobnik 11:53 14 Jun 2005

On the top row of the keyboard usually between F12 and Scroll lock

  jack 12:00 14 Jun 2005

Prt Scr- Printscreen button
Captures an image of what the screen is displaying
at that moment.

To use it yout need to press Ctrl and PrntScr

Then open an image editor, create a new blank page
then Edit/Paste[ or Ctrl- V]

  pauldonovan 12:03 14 Jun 2005 can hold down ALT at the same time as Print Screen.

You can also get some good utilities that will automatically print when you press print screen, or will capture and save a file etc. etc. - can get quite advanced with what you can do if you need to.

For example, we have usage of a web application with 'not the best' printing capability so users have a key that automatically captures the window and prints it in landscape fittign all of the active window to one page.

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