Screen locks up usually when mouse is used

  slimgee 21:22 16 Sep 2009

Screen frequently locks up when I go to scroll mouse (or so it seems). Pressing C. A. Delete does not respond only switching power off and restarting achieves anything. I have replaced both the mouse and the keyboard to no avail. Both these items are now connected by USB.
I have checked graphics card and it is clean and the fan works. The card is a Radeon X300se.
I daren't start writing anything incase I lose my work if the problem results in a terminal failure.
Has anyone any ideas please? Slimgee

P.S. I have a second problem which I have entered on another thread. Please see"Problems with BBC news reader"

  woodchip 22:16 16 Sep 2009

Right Click on Blank Desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced check Hardware Acceleration in Graphics adapter move the Slider down a notch at a time and try your mouse after a reboot

  woodchip 22:17 16 Sep 2009

In Adapter it may be under Troubleshoot Tab

  slimgee 13:50 17 Sep 2009

Thanks Woodchip.
I tried that but even though the computer had been off for 12 hours there was an almost immediate 3 lock ups after reducing the setting by one notch. I even had a lock up on the desktop following rebooting before I had even used the mouse!!!!
I have reset the speed one more notch lower and whilst typing this there has not been a problem.
Unfortunately, I must go to work so it may be Friday mid morning before I am able to continue testing. Thanks, Slimgee.

  slimgee 12:40 18 Sep 2009

Came home at 01.00 and found screen saver locked up.Had a session with continous lock ups for about 1/2 an hour then it all calmed down. It locked the screen on programs that it has never locked up on before. I have found out that my daughter is suffering exactly the same symptoms and she reckons that it all started when MS did that involuntary security upgrade and that also co-incides with the start of my problems too. ANY THOUGHTS ANYONE?

  woodchip 16:21 18 Sep 2009

try doing a system restore to before the updates

  slimgee 22:21 21 Sep 2009

Thanks Woodchip BUT... I tried this on three seperate restore points and after all the shuffling and a reboot up came a message saying that it had been impossible to do the restore on those files?

  woodchip 16:16 22 Sep 2009

You could do a Repair, if you have a Full System CD not a Restore CD this would over Install the OS leving your files but you would be back to the Point where you would need to redownload all MS Updates, you could set Updates to Manual and run it from Start then take care to remove the tick for the item you think is the Problem. This is done using Custom tab in MS updates

  birdface 16:49 22 Sep 2009

Not downloaded any drivers from here.

click here

  slimgee 21:04 22 Sep 2009

Thanks Buteman but no, I haven't Knowingly been to that site and it appears to be a relevantly new situation. HOWEVER I have just recieved notice from Demon of capping because I have exceeded their allowances but I don't game and I don't stream!
That may not solve this dilemma but it may explain why my internet connection is so slow.(see my other post " Problems with BBC newsreader." Thanks anyway, its good to know that people are still following these threads even though they are getting older.

  slimgee 21:09 22 Sep 2009

Thanks Woodchip, I'll look into that one as soon as I can. Meanwhile not only has my daughter had a similar problem but my wife's work computers have also had three stations doing something similar. There is absolutely no connection between our computers other than emails to my daughter's. Nothing has been transfered by usb keys or anything of that kind.

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