Screen keeps going Blank

  Pc.2 17:00 29 Jun 2003

everytime I put a cd in the cdrom the screen goes blank, then after it has read the cd it flickers again then comes back to the Desktop, this also happens when I eject the cdrom????

  sil_ver 17:07 29 Jun 2003

Might be a loose connection to the CD-ROM. Have you checked? Maybe your CD-ROM is giving up the ghost. You might try shutting down, disconnecting the CD-ROM rebooting to windows then shutting down again and reconnecting it. Whilst your in the case, check all your cards for security.

  Pc.2 17:13 29 Jun 2003

Thanks for that sil_ver, but it's not the cdrom I am having a problem with, it's the Graphics side of it's like when you put a game in, the screen goes blank to reset for the game configuration then comes back on again to play the game, then when you finish with the game the screen resets itself.....thats what is does, but it does it for every cdrom I put in....Music/Game/Application.

  sil_ver 17:24 29 Jun 2003

Assuming your graphics card is seated ok what you describe seems to be related to your monitor trying to reset it's resolution and/or refresh rate every time you start an application. Did this problem start since you installed something? You may possibly need to reinstall or update your graphics card/monitor drivers.

  Pc.2 17:28 29 Jun 2003

Hello again Sil_ver, I think that is going to be the only way, this happened once before when I installed Ladbrokes casino software, and it cured itself after I had uninstalled it, I believe it started after installing 1 of 3 programs...I have uninstalled 2 of them but I suppose I will have to uninstall the 3rd. just to make sure....thanks for jogging my memory, I will post an update. Thanks again sil_ver.


  Ironman556 17:29 29 Jun 2003

In games it does it to adjust the resolution the monitor's running at, don't worry about that.

Other applications though... Have you put any new hardware in? What rating is your power supply? If your power supply can't deliver enough power to the PC then problems can start occuring. Eg. graphics blank, strange how yours is only temporary though, another favourite is to restart the PC. The CD-ROM spinning up could be just ehough to push the limit over the edge, causing a blank.

  sil_ver 17:30 29 Jun 2003

Suppose we can rule out a virus???

  Pc.2 17:40 29 Jun 2003

Thanks Ironman556 & sil_ver, yes we can rule out a virus and the Power supply is 400w so plenty there. I have just re-installed the Graphics Drivers and have made it worse, now it is blanking as the different software is starting up from the start menu, the usual things like AntiVirus/Messenger/Zonealarm/Broadband, I've got a horrid feeling a file might have got deleted during the uninstall. Can't think of anything else....looks like a semi reboot coming up.....doh!!!!!

  sil_ver 18:02 29 Jun 2003

Try disabling everything in the startup section of msconfig not forgetting any antivirus program that is found in one of the other tabs possibly boot.ini or win.ini then re-enabling them one at a time until......

  Pc.2 18:12 29 Jun 2003

Thanks everybody for your input. I have disabled cd auto-detection, and re-installed graphics Drivers, removed all previous appears to be oK...I will now re-install software 1 at a time and see what happens.

Cheers everybody

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