Screen goes dim

  grainish 13:27 06 Mar 2005

The screen on my samsung V25 laptop goes dim if you un plug the mains power. This I realise is to save battery power. If I boot the laptop under battery power the screen is at full brillance.

My question is this,

If I am using the laptop in my office under mains power and then want to move to another room with out shutting down, I pull out the power cable the screen goes dim, how can I bring the screen up to full brillance with out rebooting under battery or without playing with the screen controls.

Is there a simple key press that will bring the screen back?



  Diodorus Siculus 08:34 07 Mar 2005


Don't know - mine will switch automatically.

Are there any settings in the control panel?

  terryr48 09:41 07 Mar 2005

I have a samsung V20 which I guess is basically the same- on the bottom row of the keyboard 5 buttons to the right of the space bar are the up & down arrows also they have a pic of a little light type thingy in green next to them is a key with fn in green writing if you hold this down at the same time as using the up arrow it will brighten your screen. using the fn key also operates the volume, num lock etc and any other green keys.
hope this helps.

  grainish 19:25 07 Mar 2005

Thanks for the replys.

Terryr48, I knew the keys were there but had never tried them as I have found in the past If I altered the scren settings i could never get them back to where they were!

With This laptop the settings are in steps so easy to get back to the beginning,so this has cured my proplem thanks again


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