Screen freezing with Yahoo

  bob308w 07:28 27 Feb 2006

After aprox. 2 hours of having email selected, (minimised or maximised) the screen freezes, requiring a reboot. On rebooting I receive the message "error 734" and have to reconnect to Broadband manually. This freezing only happens with email, no other programmes. Email is BT Yahoo Basic with Broadband. This would appear to be a conflict of some sort, is this a known problem,and are there any cures?

  jimv7 10:52 27 Feb 2006


click here

or google for error 734

  johnnyrocker 11:20 27 Feb 2006

is your e mail web based or on pc?


  bob308w 11:44 27 Feb 2006

As I had the same problem with my previous PC (changed at christmas) and I also now have a new printer, Is it likely that the problem could be with the box (name unknown, supplied by BT) that connects the PC to the phone line?

  bob308w 12:05 27 Feb 2006

Box is a BT voyager 105 USB ADSL modem.
Problem is not just with email, happens with anything (ebay etc) connected.
Email is PC based.
To receive the error message on rebooting suggests to me a line fault, but this has been checked by BT twice.
So, is it likely to be the modem or the other little gadget (BT ADSL MF50) at fault?

  bob308w 12:28 27 Feb 2006

When the screen freezes, all of the lights on the modem go out. Would a faulty modem cause this problem?

  octal 12:59 27 Feb 2006

It might a conflict with the USB port, have you considered trying a NIC card instead of the USB?

  bob308w 15:34 27 Feb 2006

Not an email problem as I thought, screen still freezes with phone line unplugged. Now takes 3 attempts to start PC. Tried different mouse and keyboard (was wireless), have restored twice, what next?? By freezing I mean that the screen picture stays on the monitor, but neither the mouse or keyboard function in any way.
Whats an NIC card ?

  octal 15:47 27 Feb 2006

A NIC card is a Network Interface Card. If your computer is new it probably already has one, if you have a look at the back of it you should see a socket similar to a telephone socket, but bigger, you should have a similar socket on the router. You need a patch cable to connect the two click here

If you use that method of connecting its usually much more reliable.

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