Screen Flickering & System Rebooting

  BigRik 19:34 19 Jul 2010

I took delivery of a new Mesh system back in December, which promptly had to go BTB due to no signal reaching the monitor. A faulty m/b was diagnosed, replaced, and so the machine was returned to me.

All was well for a couple of weeks, but then the monitor began to flicker intermittently. Things got worse as time wore on. During CoDMW2 sessions, the screen would flicker a great deal, then the game would simply freeze completely. I gave up playing, or even switching the machine on, for days at a time as I was so annoyed at the way the machine was behaving.

After a few weeks, I would switch the computer on, but a signal would take ages to appear, and when it did, the screen flickered and the machine just simply kept rebooting. It still does exactly this now.

I'm really cross with myself because I wish I had contacted Mesh to get the machine back and sorted out months ago, but I just kind of hoped it would settle down. I'm just not confident of getting back a fully functioning machine.

Sending it back now is difficult, as I go on holiday 3 weeks today, and the machine will probably be ready to come back while I'm away, so I guess it would be best to wait to begin another repair saga until I get back from holiday.

In the meantime, could anyone offer a suggestion as to the cause of the problems above? M/b again? Graphics card perhaps?

System is Windows 7 with a ATI 5870 GPU.

  woodchip 23:07 19 Jul 2010

Look for Broken Mains Cable this will be inside Break so you need to change the cable for a good one. I had the same every time I touched it with my foot it did like your until one day it poped the computer

  woodchip 23:08 19 Jul 2010

Mains plug may not be fully in or loose fuse, any of the above will do it

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