Screen dump from BIOS/DOS?

  Simsy 12:53 14 Oct 2005

Hi folks...

Trying to cobble together a document to help some folk at work.

It would be a great help if I could get a screen dump of;

1)DOS screen... i.e. the screens that are displayed while using DriveImage in DOS mode.

2)BIOS screen during bootup.

(I'd also like to know if it's possible to pause the BIOS display so it can actually be read before it goes on to the next bit??)

I assume these can be done? Can someone advise how?

Many thanks,



  Klof Ron 13:19 14 Oct 2005

Don't know about 1 or 2 but you can pause the screen by pressing the Pause/Brak button.

  Eric10 13:28 14 Oct 2005

For a screen grab in DOS many people resort to a digital camera and simply photograph the screen.

  Simsy 13:39 14 Oct 2005

Klof Ron... does that actually halt the process, do you know?

Eric10... Yes, that's what I do at the moment... I was trying to make things better and easier.

I'll not tick yet..

Thanks again,



  Klof Ron 14:14 14 Oct 2005

Yes it halts the process until you press the button again.

  woodchip 14:19 14 Oct 2005

And if you have a Parallel printer press Print Screen it may just work. It could be done with old print NOT USB

  Simsy 16:22 17 Oct 2005


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 17 Oct 2005

HAve an old program that only runs in dos need to print screens for a training manual.

Downloaded about 18 different pograms never did get one that would capture DOS screens even though advertised that they would.

The digital camera is probably the best bet.

  DieSse 17:38 17 Oct 2005

The BIOS routines are not DOS - so you can't load a program to print the screen - simply can't be done.

All the software running up until a disk loads an OS is part of the BIOS software - so if your BIOS doesn't contain routines to save or print the screen (which I'm sure the vast majority, possibly all, don't) - then nothing you can do will alter that situation.

  woodchip 17:43 17 Oct 2005

Last time I printed BIOS I used Print Screen button

  DieSse 17:48 17 Oct 2005

In theory DOS screens, if you run a program full screen (Alt-Enter to switch) between DOS full screen and DOS in a window - then hitting the Prt Screen key should copy the screen onto the clipboard, from whence it can be pasted into a picture or into Word or similar. If you do the same when the DOS screen is in a Window, then you'll capture the whole screen - DOS window and background as well.

I just tried this with the DOS emulator in XP and it works fine - best into Word or other text editor.

There are some programs which disable the use of Prt-Screen - but that's unusual.

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