Screen does dead.

  mike40 09:23 02 Aug 2008

Hi all

For the last couple of days for no apparent reason the screen does black. The power is still on but it flashes up Analogue/digital as though it is looking for a signal. The computer is still on. If I manually turn it off, it starts up OK and is usually fine after that. This morning I got the blue screen telling me one or more of the drives needs to be checked for consistency. This check suggests every is OK. I have re seated the graphics card and both memory modules, but it still continues to do it. Any suggestions would really be appreciated.

Many thanks

  rdave13 09:30 02 Aug 2008

It sounds to me as if the graphics card is on the way out.

  mike40 09:36 02 Aug 2008

Hi rdave13.

I am afraid that was my conclusion but before replacing it I thought I would seek views from the forum. My wife's computer has a Nvidia card similar to mine so I may swap them over and see what happens

Many thanks


  mike40 09:41 02 Aug 2008

One other point. My PSU is rated at 300 watts. Sticking to a Nvidia card what is the best card I can use without changing the PSU

Many thanks

  rdave13 09:59 02 Aug 2008

Have a look at this; click here

  mike40 10:04 02 Aug 2008

Many thanks. That is just what I needed to make my decision

  So Afraid 12:18 02 Aug 2008

Just started to get same symptons as yourself,switch on and top left of the screen goes analogue/digital back and forth 6 or 7 times,have to power off and restart,graphics card was my fear as well.

  mike40 13:35 02 Aug 2008

Hi So Afraid

I haven't had time to change the card yet. I am just hoping it is nothing to do with recent windows updates. They certain caused me problems with my Belkin wireless connection which sometimes takes ages to connect.


  So Afraid 14:44 02 Aug 2008

I also tried my other monitor cable to connect to analouge,but it does the same so ive ruled out monitor cables.As i am connected to DVI port i wondered why it should search for analouge signal.

  mike40 08:32 03 Aug 2008

Hi again

When the monitor is turned on it tries to find any signal either analogue or digital so I suspect that is why it flashes from one to the other. I have just downloaded the latest drivers for the Nvidia card and so far everything seems to be working fine(fingers crossed. I will leave the tread open for a while in case someone else has a view on the problem)

  So Afraid 14:34 03 Aug 2008

I was offered another card last week for free,so i am just waiting to get it and i will see if problems go away.

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