Screen crashes but pc is still running and useable

  andyj007 08:41 06 Feb 2005

Would really like some help to diagnose a pc problem ive had from day 1 on my pc.

PC evesham amd 2200
windows xp (up to date)
graphics card is a geforce 4400 ti
Samsung DVI tft

Basically what happens is every now and again about 3 times a week (use pc for about 20hours per week) the screen crashes out. Sometimes it just goes black other times it has multi streaks that fade in & out running verticle. The only way out of this is turn the machine off by button on the front of pc tower. On reboot the pc is fine until the next time this happens. In my opinion it is completely random.
Sometimes when it does its like turning the pc off it just reboots??
I always thought that it was the guts of the pc that was crashing but last time it happened and the screen went all coulred streaks I was using autocad and was mighty peed as i hadnt done an save. With the monitor looking all streaky I tried the save pressing the keyed shortcut then rebooted. When i loaded up the program had saved which conirmed that the PC was still running but the screen-graphics card was not displaying the info.
I would like to diagnose this properly how does one attempt this.
Also the issue has been with me since day one i remember two-three years back I have loaded latest drivers from nvidea but this never changed the situtaion.
I have not uploaded new drivers for my bios or mother board as i dont know how to.

Thank you in adavance


  AndySD 08:56 06 Feb 2005

click here and download and run Everest. Please tell us the Details about your Motherboard/mainboard and if

  Stuartli 09:32 06 Feb 2005

You just may have your resolution or refresh rates set just at the edge of your monitor or graphics card's capabilities.

Right-click the Desktop, choose Properties from the menu, then Settings tab>Advanced button>Advanced tab will allow you to enable List All Modes.

This provides a full listing of the colour settings, refresh rates and resolution capabilities of your graphics card/monitor and you can select which is best for your purposes.

Also choose any changes that may be selected to be done without a reboot.

  andyj007 10:17 06 Feb 2005

Downloaded everest here is motherboard info

Field Value
Motherboard ID 05/23/2002-VT8367/VT8233A-A7V333
Field Value
Motherboard Name Asus A7V333

  Gongoozler 10:26 06 Feb 2005

This sort of graphics behaviour is almost always caused by a problem with the way the graphics card is handling its memory, either a fault in the card memory itself or the graphics chip interfacing the memory. If you think the problem is heat related it might be worth trying a cooling fan like this one click here near the graphics card, but if the pc is almost new, then a replacement graphics card is probably the answer.

  AndySD 10:28 06 Feb 2005

click here its the Hyperion drivers for the motherboard.

click here then choose your Operating System then choose the Chipset or Platform Drivers

  andyj007 10:41 06 Feb 2005

Thank you all for your responses.

AndySD i have just been to the asus link and clicked on downloads.
I guess I should be upgrading the bios? Hyperion drivers?? sounds like startrek but couldn't find refrence to this??

Is it simple like download and run the file or is it more involved than that which i have to mess around with the system?



  AndySD 10:50 06 Feb 2005

Dont at the moment look to updating the BIOS.

The drivers on the Asus site will say 4 in 1

Yes just download and run (it will reboot)

  andyj007 11:45 06 Feb 2005

Ive looked through all the releases and the only refrence to a 4-1 driver is this
click here

It does not mention XP?


  AndySD 12:45 06 Feb 2005

click here then choose your Operating System then choose the Chipset or Platform Drivers its the Hyperion drivers you need. (your Motherboards chipset was made by via)

  andyj007 20:34 07 Feb 2005

Hi AndySD. got the drivers installed ok.
guess we shall just let it run for a while and see if the problem re-occurrs.

Will be in touch if it happens again. seems ok so far :)))

Thanks for you kind help.

Ive marked the subject resolved for the mo.



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