Screen corruption on start up

  Totally-braindead 16:43 07 May 2005

This is an odd one, to me at least. The past couple of days when I switch, on the BIOS screen followed by the loading Windows XP screen are about half way up the screen. Now when windows has actually loaded the screen is normal and needs no adjustment. When this happened yesterday I did a virus scan with AVG which identified the Java/Byteverify trojan but it couldn't remove it. It was loaded in the temporary internet files which I deleted and then on rescanning with AVG all was well, the virus was gone. But this thing with the screen is still there when I start up, anyone any ideas?

My system is :Windows XP fully updated with SP2 etc, AVG anti virus, Zone Alarm Firewall, Counterspy, adaware and spybot. Everything fully updated with no problems found by anything.

  DieSse 18:36 07 May 2005

It sounds like that for some reason, the monitor adjustments for the screens that are wrong, have changed.

Monitors (modern ones) store the screen adjusments (height, width, etc) that you make to get the pcture to fit the screen size, in a memory inside the monitor. Thus your Windows display at one refresh rate and pixel count, has one set of settings - but your DOS and low res Windows intro screen has another set. This latter set looks like it has changed somehow.

The only suggestions are

To try the default settings button, if the monitor has one, whiilst the screen is in it's "odd" mode - or literally change the height adjutment whilst it's in the odd mode. It should save the new adjustments for this mode, without affecting the adjustments for the Windows mode.

Hope this is a bit clearer than mud!!

  Totally-braindead 21:10 07 May 2005

It is clear thanks DieSse I'll certainly give it a go but its a fairly new TFT and it only starting acting like this yesterday when I discovered I had that virus.

  Totally-braindead 19:56 09 May 2005

Well done DieSSe that worked the trick. Never thought of even trying that. Why it should have caused this I don't know but its all sorted now, thanks very much.

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