Screen "OFF" Colour

  standby 14:32 06 Apr 2006

Have a problem with a system that has on a number of occasions changed the desktop from Olive Green to to a muddy blue and all pages and shortcuts to a shade of pink. The machine is otherwise perfectly normal though printing of photographs is no longer possible due to colour change

Did first remove and reinstall the Radeon 9600 card but without result. At other times have tested all plug ins, insured all tight home, and the system has returned to normal but only for a short period...all cable connections checked also.

Unless anyone can advise otherwise it could be that the 128 mb Radeon 9600 (XP) pro card is suspect and I would appreciate info re a suitable replacement. An increase to 256 mb would be an advantage but not essential because I do not use for games and do not wish to spend more than is necessary.

The PC is a Microland unit purchased shortly before the company failed and luckily has been OK to date...but so much for 2 + 1 year warranty.

Any advice is very welcome.


  Methedrine 19:35 06 Apr 2006

Is this on a CRT monitor? If so, try a "degauss". If this doesn't work, I am a firm believer in "percussive maintenance", so give it a light but firm slap on the side or the top of the monitor. If that still doesn't work, one of the cathode rays maybe on the fritz and the only resolution then is to put your hand in your pocket and buy a new monitor.

PLEASE don't hit it if it's a TFT monitor!

  remind 20:58 06 Apr 2006

if the monitor has its own on screen display, bring it up when you have colour problems - if the OSD is also off-colour, the PC/graphics card is not the problem

  standby 23:10 06 Apr 2006

Methedrene...Monitor is a CTC Diamond Pro 930 SB.

Tried the "thump" method earlier today in desperation. Also degaus with no change.

Remind...Monitor Display Properties also goes off colour. At this moment in time the screen is perfectly normal but when switched on again later could be acting up.

Thanks each for your advice.

Best regards.

  johnnyrocker 09:54 07 Apr 2006

what was the solution?


  driving man 18:00 07 Apr 2006

If it is a CRtube monitor suspect a "dry " joint.
This means sometimes the tube works OK and at other times heats up and joint between 2 parts is not good.
Unless you are a tv repairer I should take it to your nearest independent repair TV shop, describe the prob and see what they say

  standby 19:24 07 Apr 2006

driving man.

Still have the intermittent problem...a dry joint could well be the answer and is beyond my capability - presently considering a new Flat Panel Monitor and the TV repairer later for a usable spare.


  keef66 23:44 07 Apr 2006

the display on my diamond pro 740 sb went all pink a while ago. I panicked and thought new monitor or graphics card required. However, at the suggestion of others on this forum I checked where the vga lead plugs into the back of the monitor. Slightly loose in the socket; just a quick wiggle and glorious technicolour was restored.

  standby 20:39 08 Apr 2006


Just a quick wiggle is all I about that.

I hardened up the securing screws on the plug and presto screen back to normal. Was all set to buy a new monitor.

Many thanks....regards

  keef66 21:40 08 Apr 2006

that's why I pop into the forum; occasionally I'll see something that rings a bell, and it's nice when I can help, especially when it saves someone buying something they don't need to.



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