Screen cleaner

  seventiesdolly 12:17 01 May 2006

At the moment I use dry lint-free wipes for my screen but they're useless, and my screen remains gunky. Are there any moist wipes on the market that are ok to use, or would just a damp cloth suffice. I don't want my screen dissolving under my fingertips through using the wrong thing ;-)

  Methedrine 12:58 01 May 2006

I just use a damp cloth. Make sure that you wring it out well though. You don't want water running inside it while cleaning.

  J B 12:59 01 May 2006

Check here click here The one I use is called CD/Optical Polishing Cloth. Just dampen with warm water and wring to a light damp stage and wipe gently. They are brilliant, but a little expensive, that said, they will last ages. You can also get them at supermarkets. J.B.

  hssutton 13:09 01 May 2006

Currys @ PC world sell screen cleaning tissues which are duitable for TFT screens or click here, but like Methedrine I use a slightly dampened lint free cloth

  rawprawn 13:32 01 May 2006

As Methedrine, a damp soft cloth is all that is necessary.

  martd77 13:51 01 May 2006

a 99p microfibre cloth with a small amount of water for grubby marks will work,use any chemicals and it destroys the coating on the monitor

  seventiesdolly 14:08 01 May 2006

Thanks to all!

  Stuartli 15:18 01 May 2006

Opticians should/will stock a long time favourite of mine, a Calotherm cloth.

Originally developed decades ago for cleaning spectacles, it's the one product I've only ever used for cleaning the delicate anti-reeflective surfaces of high quality camera lenses.

Current versions are also intended to be used on TFT and similar monitors.

click here

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