screen capture

  skinny123 14:48 29 Dec 2006

I have also tried to search for this.

When i get to Paint and right click i'm not getting "paste Ctrl+V" which i think i am supposed to.

Has anybody got a lnk to an explanation on this site please. Or just an explanation.

  VoG II 14:52 29 Dec 2006

Edit > Paste or press CTRL + V

  skinny123 15:03 29 Dec 2006

I press edit and i don't get the "paste" option, and the Ctrl+V option doesn't work. I have tried both "Ctrl" buttons, and i presume "+" means "and"


  VoG II 15:07 29 Dec 2006

CTRL + V means hold down CTRL and press V.

Paste will only be available if you have an image on the clipboard. To check, Start, Run, type


and click OK.

  SLAYER 16:10 29 Dec 2006

I use this.

click here

  palinka 18:14 29 Dec 2006

don't know what exactly you're trying to capture, but try something really basic first just to get to know the process: press the Print Screen button. Now, before you do anything else, open Paint (I use Word but I exopect it's the same proces in Paint); click the cursor in its window and click the Paste icon at the top of the paint screen.
That will produce the image of whatever was on the screen.
You'll find it helpful to put a shortcut to Paint on the desktop then you can get to it easily.

  skinny123 18:50 29 Dec 2006

I press print screen, the picture appears in the corner of my main screen, i press start, instead of going into all programmes i have a icon there for paint i press it, paint opens in the main screen, i press edit and i do not get the option to "paste" and "Ctrl+V" does not work???????????

Nothing on my clipboard

  palinka 19:09 29 Dec 2006

I'm puzzled that you say "the picture appears in the corner of my main screen" because when I press "print screen" I see nothing, anywhere! I just have to have faith that it has in fact done a "copy".I'm in Win ME; is it different in XPperhaps? I've just tried out using Paint and it worked fine: pressed "print screen"; opened Paint; in Paint clicked Edit and the paste option appeared.
If you don't get the option to Paste it suggests that the initial step - Print Screen - has not worked so there is nothing to paste. You mentioned nothing on the clipboard - that would suggest same thing.

  VoG II 19:30 29 Dec 2006

I don't get a picture in the corner either - using XP. I'm puzzled!

  skinny123 20:31 29 Dec 2006

Xp i'm on

I say a picture, it takes up a good third of my screen and is more like a minimised screen which i can indeed stretch to full size, with options to change colours and the like, which i can click to switch on or off.....i think i am just complicating things with the optins bit.

Across the Blue bar at the top it reads "PrintKey 2000 v5. 10 (ENGLISH) Copyright (c) 1999 By Alfred Bolliger"

  VoG II 21:06 29 Dec 2006

I guess that you need to click on Save click here

This must be over-riding the Windows clipboard.

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