Screen broke up while I was surfing

  wee eddie 23:01 01 Jun 2004

Laptop > Advent 7007 > P4 1.7 > Windows XP Home.

Whiled I was surfing the other evening my screen broke up. It sort of shimmered and 5mm sections seemed to move up and down.

I tried to Close but nothing worked (including Control > Alt > Del), so I turned myself Off.

When I rebooted I got a box saying "Your PC has just recovered from *** Do you wish to report it to Microsoft"

Assuming that this was some form of virus, I clicked "No" and ran Norton AV, followed by Ad-aware and Spybot. Nothing!

The same happened again about 2 days later so I clicked "Yes" this time. I got an instruction that I need new drivers and was linked to a SiS drivers site. I ran Belarc to identify which one to download, but there were none that appeared to correspond.

Today, I discovered that Media Player and RealOne Player would not display a picture although there were no sound problems.

Where do I go from here?

Knowledge Level > Beginner with attitude. I still get easily confused.

  VoG II 23:09 01 Jun 2004

System Restore to before this happened.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:10 01 Jun 2004

Sounds like you may need new graphics card drivers or there is something wrong with it. Have you gone into device manager and checked for updated drivers or if you have a conflict with your card?

  end 23:39 01 Jun 2004

I am sorry...but I just cannot resist this......

were you not aware that computers and lap tops do not appreciate going to the seaside amongst all those white horses and surf boards....???!!!

( am a novice with a very impish and wicked sense of humor........!!!!!!)

you find spagetti junction and travel down to ........

(sorry...had better let the computer experts get their knowledge to work on this for you)......

  wee eddie 23:39 01 Jun 2004

What has confused me is that there is no sign of conflict (No exclamation mark on yellow triangle)

I tried the Device Manager and assumed that "Update Driver" would give me a link to the SiS site and the 650's drivers, but it directs me to the installation disk, which will be the drivers that I already have.

Is there a recommended site for downloading drivers

  wee eddie 23:43 01 Jun 2004

I am an old bastard (sorry Gentleman) that makes Gandolf seem like, sweetness and light!!!!

Good to hear from you, glad your not at work at the present.

  wee eddie 23:45 01 Jun 2004

There are about 500, but which to use?

  wee eddie 23:47 01 Jun 2004

between old & bastard

  wee eddie 13:08 02 Jun 2004

I shall try reinstalling the original drivers as I have found, what I think is, the Restoration CD.

If that works I shall tick the thread.

  end 23:01 02 Jun 2004

....that sounds VERY painful!!!!!!!!

you really HAVE got yourself spagettied havent you.......

  spanneress 23:06 02 Jun 2004

Click clack (Knitting needles)..excuse me young you by any chance have an old monitor kicking around? Does your mobo have on board graphics?

I would try and run it with a bog standard old monitor with absolutely no fancy footwork and take it from there...


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