Screen black outs and crashing

  diesel1948 21:42 19 Nov 2010

Screen blacks out several times at start up and sometimes crashes and have to turn off on button. Blacks out randomly and comes back on for no reason. It is a dell dimension 9200 4gb memory and a nvidia ge force 7900 gs graphics card. Could dell 19 inch screen be on the way out? Grateful for any help.diesel1948

  birdface 23:33 19 Nov 2010

Does it run Ok in safe mode if so try Device manager and see if there is any yellow exclamation marks beside any of the drivers.

  diesel1948 12:51 20 Nov 2010

Afraid to say cant get it to start in safe mode to try it, but no yellow exclamation marks beside any of the drivers.

  birdface 16:01 20 Nov 2010

I would check and see if there are any updates available for your graphics card or maybe it is faulty.
Best waiting for someone else to give you the help that you need.
My thoughts are Driver update or faulty Graphics card.

  birdface 16:15 20 Nov 2010

Maybe have a look in here and see if any updates for you.

click here

  diesel1948 15:50 21 Nov 2010

Thank you buteman I checked the updates and did a clean install of the latest driver. Also the monitor was playing up going black completely when the computer was left for any length of time. Then it would not start again when you touched keyboard or mouse. The on/off button would not work to turn it of which meant you had to turn the computer off on the button, then turn power off. When you turned power back on and rebooted the monitor switched worked again. I have replaced the monitor with another one I had and hopefully this will resolve the issue. I will let you know

  diesel1948 16:05 21 Nov 2010

Just watched the comp start up again and screen blacked out 4 times during boot up. Then I left it for a couple of minutes. I then hit the start button and it went black again twice off on off on. Same as the first 4 times during boot up. Perhaps as you suggested it could be faulty graphics card, it came with the dell machine and is about 4 years old. Its not the end of the world this problem, its now purring along, its just when something goes wrong I like to make it right. If you come up with any ideas I would be happy to hear them, thanks for all your help. Terry

  birdface 17:43 21 Nov 2010

Only other thing I can think of is the memory.
Remove one stick of memory and see if it runs any better.If no luck with that remove the second second stick and install the first and see if that works.
Or make sure both are seated correctly.

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