Screen area/colour mystery ?

  curlylad 18:04 27 Jan 2004

I was sorting through some old magazine software and decided to try one of the game discs out.
I finished pottering about with it and when I went back to my desktop the colours had changed from true colour(32 bit) to 16 colours, and the screen area had changed from 1024x768 to 640x480 pixels.I right clicked desktop to try and change them back , it let me move the screen area slider to the correct setting , it also let me change the colours to 32 bit however it would not let me apply it .Although the apply button is there , the actual word 'apply' is not blacked in(hope you know what I mean) so as soon as I come out of the settings it reverts straight back to the 'horrible' settings.I have also tried to come from the other way , start , settings , control panel etc etc but the same result.I have also booted up in safe mode , command prompt only , scanreg/restore but it says restore failed when I try this.
Firstly why or how has this happened , and why have I not got the apply button enabled. I think if I can restore the 'apply' button then there will be no probs.
Any ideas ?

  johnnyrocker 18:07 27 Jan 2004



  curlylad 18:23 27 Jan 2004

Sorry mate , Win98SE .

  DAG88 18:28 27 Jan 2004

try reinstalling your graphics card driver as it may have some how been deleted or disabled

  curlylad 18:44 27 Jan 2004

Sorry , don't know how to do that , can you guide me 'step by step' , sorry for the hassle in advance !

  hugh-265156 18:50 27 Jan 2004

hi curlylad.if its an ati or nvidia card you can download the drivers from click here click here

uninstall your old driver via add remove programs (if ati,uninstall control panel dont restart then driver and restart)

click your driver download to install.or insert your cdrom.

  curlylad 23:50 27 Jan 2004

Solved it !I downloaded driver magic and it identified the driver I needed and even suggested an update to that driver , I downloaded the driver and installed it and Bob's yer uncle!
It still doesn't explain how it uninstalled itself in the first place though!

  curlylad 23:54 27 Jan 2004

Sorry guys , johnnyrocker , DAG88 and huggyg71 , thanks for assisting , appreciated .

  johnnyrocker 23:57 27 Jan 2004

nae prob lad tis wat the world should be about.


  hugh-265156 23:59 27 Jan 2004

glad you got it working curlylad.ive never used driver magic and dont think its free so for future reference adda32(any version)may be handy for identifing hardware and getting drivers click here

install and click "computer/summary" hover the mouse over the hardware to get links for drivers.

does so much more though,really handy tool.

  curlylad 00:04 28 Jan 2004

Driver magic is a free 30 day trial so I thought I'd give it a run , done the trick as well but I get your drift on the aida32 'tis indeed a nice tool'(said the actress etc etc).

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