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  heidelberg 11:41 25 May 2005

This is a very minor problem' which is mildly annoying rather than irritating. It is also one which may be slightly difficult to explain - but I'll try!!

I have recently purchased a new system (mail order from Pc Specialist - excellent). With no applications loaded when I move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen it will go no further - i.e. the point of the arrow rests on the very top and the whole arrow is visible. The same applies to the left side, and the bottom of the screen, though at the bottom I can just see the top of the pointer. The same applies on roughly the bottom 25% of the right side where I can see the left edge of the arrow. For the top 75% the mouse "dissappears" completely off the screen and is sometimes slightly hard to "find."

Is there anyone out there who can a. understand what I am trying to say, and b. can suggest a solution nto resolve the problem?

If so it would be greatly appreciated.



  Carpigiani 12:19 25 May 2005

Your mouse pointer leans from bottom right to top left, which means that when at the right hand side of the screen the mouse pointer will completely disappear if your window is sized to the mazimum size of your monitors viewable area.

You can prove this by reducing the area taken by your desktop using the size adjustment buttons on your monitor.

If more of your pointer shows at bottom right than at top right then you will need to adjust the Geometry of the picture, again using the buttons on the monitor.

I hope this makes sense.

  heidelberg 12:34 25 May 2005

Thanks for your response Carpigiani - your suggestion does make sense. However if I reduce the desktop area - the problem still exists.

It is as if the pointer is contained within the desktop at the top, left, bottom and the bottom 25% of the right hand side, but for the top 75% of the right side there is nothing to "restrain" the pointer, which can dissappear off the desktop, and occasionally take a little time to find.

Thanks again


  heidelberg 12:57 25 May 2005

Have just noticed another aspect of the same problem. As yet with this PC I haven't set up screen saver etc. After 10 minutes the Windows XP saver appears and moves to random locations around the desktop. It remains within the confines of the desktop until it reaches the top 75% of the left hand side when it can "dissappear" completely or partly. Just like the mouse pointer!



  Carpigiani 13:19 25 May 2005

Very curious.
Beyond my knowledge i'm afraid.
But keep with it, someone will be able to help you.

Good luck.

  wee eddie 13:36 25 May 2005

All you need to do, is to look for a black line about 5mms long on the extreme right hand edge of your screen.

That is the left hand edge of the arrow.

  heidelberg 13:42 25 May 2005

Wee Eddie thanks for replying. However the black line only exists at the bottom 25% of the right hand side of the screen. Above that it really is "lost!" (as is the Windows XP screen saver when in that area)

Perhaps I'm not explaining myself too well.



  wee eddie 15:09 25 May 2005

I think that all TFT's display a correctly formatted picture. All you have to do is chose the correct measurements.

However CRT pictures can be a number of different shape and you will have to go into Set-up to sort that out. If it is a CRT that you have, read the instructions

  heidelberg 15:20 25 May 2005

Wee Eddie

It is a TFT - but is obviously not displaying a correctly formatted picture.

Thanks again


  wee eddie 15:47 25 May 2005

the various Screen adjustment facilities built into the TFT.

  heidelberg 18:26 25 May 2005

Wee eddie

Have tried screen adjustment, as far as I can. It makes no difference.



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