Screeching noise from boot up.

  lisa02 21:07 02 Mar 2005

My system> 160gb maxtor HD, ATHLONXP 3200+, 1GB KINGSTON RAM, 2 LITE ON DVD DRIVES: one RW and one DVDROM, COLORS IT 550W PSU. MSI K7N2 PLATINUM BOARD. AQUARIUS ALUMINIUM CASE. TWO CASE FAMS AND A 3D ROCKET COOLER HS & fan. When running the system is 20degress and cpu generally 35 to 41 degrees. (never higher than that). System is only 2 1/2 months old.

When the computer has been left off for a while usually over night theres a horrible screeching noise comes from the system during boot up, thought it was the hard disk, ran checks from windows and that POWERMAX thing maxtor offers on their site. Both said error free.

Any ideas cos Im stumped?

  Mikè 21:14 02 Mar 2005

Sounds like a fan to me, maybe cpu or northbridge.

  woodchip 21:23 02 Mar 2005

Take side off comp and try to isolate the noise

  Storik 21:24 02 Mar 2005

with Mikè. Sounds rather like a dry fan bearing. What happens when you continue to run it, does it quieten down?

You could check that no loose wires are in contact with any of your fans, I suppose, but if you take the side off your computer, listen and see where you think it is coming from.


  lisa02 21:27 02 Mar 2005

I don't know much about these things, is it anything to wory over? It generally only happens over night. The system works fine other wise except for a really horrible boot up. Although I would not say that I over work the system, it gets it easy compared to some, in other words no CPU or memory intensive tasks.

would running some other tests show up something any ideas here too?

  jack 21:30 02 Mar 2005

AMD fan for sure.
I've tried slackening off the fan screws thinking it had set it self down onto the fins. OK for a while.
Replaced the fan. Ok first Run . then it started.
Now I let it get on with it it settles down after a minute or two.

Ear plugs have been suggested.

  Chezdez 21:42 02 Mar 2005

use a kitchen roll tube to help locate the sound (seriously!) just put put one end on your ear, cover your other ear, and move the other end of the tube round the inside of the case until you get a louder noise

  Storik 21:50 02 Mar 2005

Chezdez's idea is a good one, but if you have long hair, - er do keep well away from the fan, or there will another screeching noise - lol

sorry couldn't resist! Bad joke!


  woodchip 21:53 02 Mar 2005

I would go with a Dry Hard Drive Bearing, But most are now fluid bearings

  Chezdez 21:56 02 Mar 2005

hey, i have long hair....

  woodchip 21:56 02 Mar 2005

PS the way to check the drive is, Remove the power plug with four wires when you start comp up first thing. it will not hurt the computer. Then if there is no noise you have cracked it. switch comp of and reconnect power plug.

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