Screeching noise

  Magster 17:24 30 Mar 2006

Can somebody tell me why my PC is making this dreadful noise. It's almost like a drilling noise. It started when I ran my spyware check. I turned off the PC, restarted and it was fine. Three days later, it has now started again. It's Dell Dimension and only 18 months old with not very much use. Could it be dust? It is still under warranty so should I get Dell to sort it out (probably after numerous 'phone calls). Thanks if anyone can help.

  Diemmess 17:57 30 Mar 2006

Almost certainly a cooling fan giving up.

Not everyone would agree, but I would take the side panel off and have a small roll of paper handy.
Boot up and wait for the noise to start.
when it does, poke the spill of paper gently into each fan in turn so that you stop it or at least slow it down.

As soon as you find the particular fan, put the side back on and start looking for a replacement.

  amonra 17:58 30 Mar 2006

If it sounds like a drilling noise, and there are no other symptoms, I'd have a look at the cooling fans or possibly cables touching the blades of one of the fans. Carefully take the side off the computer case and have a look. You cant do anything nasty by looking !

  amonra 17:59 30 Mar 2006

Diemmess, beat me to it by seconds !!!!!

  jakimo 21:16 30 Mar 2006

More likely a dried out fan bearing,just replace the fan

  VoG II 21:33 30 Mar 2006

Or oil it - peel back the cover, one drop (only) of 3-in-1 or sewing machine oil.

  Belatucadrus 10:54 31 Mar 2006

If you do oil a bearing always put the cover label back, if it doesn't stick buy another. Oil is good on a fan bearing, you don't want it on the MOBO.

  Magster 11:00 31 Mar 2006

Thanks everybody! If I take the cover off and oil the fan, will this negate my warranty with Dell? I have bought a can of compressed air this morning too. Will that be of any use do you think?

  terryf 13:21 31 Mar 2006

Yes if Dell get twitchy they might say taking the cover off negates the warranty, if you can access the external fan on the power supply and try the experiment of preventing it rotating (but only for a very short time) to see if it is the one screeching, then try the case fan. If it is the power supply fan you probably need to get back to Dell. You could consider talking to Dell support

  Magster 13:33 31 Mar 2006

Hi Terry. Thanks, I know what you mean about warranties. I am such a newbie with computers, I didn't realise there were two different fans! I have such a lot to learn -sigh. I e-mailed Dell and I may get a response within 24 hours but, failing that, I'll ring them. Thanks again.

  terryf 14:03 31 Mar 2006

Don't worry about having a lot to learn, I teach over-55's about computers, some of them have never touched a computer before, I have only 43 years experience and I am still learning :-)

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