Screaming Laptop

  Barmoor's Kid Sister 11:32 01 Sep 2007

My sister's Laptop has started sceaming when it is turned on - Any suggestions?

Barmoor's Kid Sister

  Taff™ 11:34 01 Sep 2007

Is it the fan?

  johndrew 11:37 01 Sep 2007

Also open the DVD/CD drive and see if that stops it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 01 Sep 2007

probably dirt in the fan grills try sucking the dirt out with a vacumn cleaner. then blow through with a hairdryer on cold setting.

WITH the laptop switched off and unplugged of course.

  Forum Editor 11:40 01 Sep 2007

a mechanical scream - coming from somewhere inside the machine or is it coming from the speakers?

  Barmoor's Kid Sister 11:48 01 Sep 2007

This is definately a mechanical scream

  Forum Editor 13:06 01 Sep 2007

by one of two things - either the cooling fan, or a failing bearing on the hard drive spindle.

The fan you can probably fix, as the others have suggested, but if it's a hard drive failure your sister had better make sure she has backed up her data.

  Border View 16:29 11 Sep 2007

Hello everyone - many thanks for responding to my sisters query (on my behalf).

The story so far:

About a fortnight ago had the laptop in the boot of the car - emergency stop and the laptop (in its case) suffered a severe blow. When I later tried to boot up no joy. Then when I tried again it booted up but when I got to the desktop a noise which can only be described as finger nails down a blackboard came screaming from the front. (Its an Acer by the way). I heard the usual jingle of Windows coming on but the screen and controls were froze. Pressed the power button just to get away from the noise. When I again tried to boot up it went through the check disc system and the screaching started. I honestly thought that the hard drive was going to fail there and then.

I contacted my Insurance Company and explained the problem. They said that it was covered under my household insurance. They used a separate company (rather than me try and get it fixed) and it was collected the next day. The repair company offered (if necessary to do data recovery onto an external hard drive for £70). Ten days later the news from the company in Eastbourne was that there was nothing wrong with my laptop. Bit astounded at this piece of news bearing in mind the screaching siron noise. Laptop has been returned and it is working OK. I feel a right plonker but not certain what to do now.

Main problem is I just dont know what was wrong with it in the first place.

One of the main things I have learned about this experience is dont get complacement about backing up. Am now looking for an external hard drive and think they call it Acronis.

Would welcome your further comments on what might have been wrong with my laptop.

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