scratched CD

  muscic lover 20:38 23 Jun 2005

I bought a CD from a boot sale and it appears badly scratched, does anybody know of how to repair the scratches. the scratches are not deep, but there is plenty of them!

Did i read somewhere that you can use Brasso to help this?? Or am i having a 'senior moment'?!?

Over to you guys! And gals!

  mattyc_92 20:43 23 Jun 2005

You can buy some liquid that you can put on the disk to remove the scratches....

If you have a CD burner, then you could just make a copy and keep the orignial in a case somewhere (and use the copy instead)... As then you can just create another copy if the other copy is damages or lost...

  Chris Webster 20:45 23 Jun 2005

Music Lover,

You read right about Brasso.

Place a few drops of Brasso onto a lint free cloth, and rub the disc gently in a straight radial motion from the inside to the outer edge. Do this round the entire disc, but NEVER rub in a circular motion.

Cheers, Chris.

  Chris Webster 20:51 23 Jun 2005

Music Lover,

If forgot to add....Cleaning Off,

give the Brasso 2-3 mins to dry. Take a clean cloth and rub the disc clean, bearing in mind the directions in my first post. You may need to repeat the process for badly scratched discs.

Cheers, Chris.

  ton 20:53 23 Jun 2005

The best idea is to make a copy, or if you don't have a burner convert it to mp3 so you can play it on your PC.

  john-232317 20:57 23 Jun 2005

Hopefully the scratches are on the surface and not down in the burn, Tooth paste will also work, gently rub following the grooves burnt in then wash off.

  alB 21:29 23 Jun 2005

I've also used T-Cut car paint restorer using the same method as Chris Webster then a wash under a warm tap (the disk, not me!)...alB

  muscic lover 00:34 25 Jun 2005

wow, thnks for the tips

  Stuartli 09:19 25 Jun 2005

Jeweller's rouge or a flannalette cloth impregnated with it is apparently effective.

  CurlyWhirly 02:14 28 Jun 2005

I have bought this and it actually works not only on light scratches but also on deeper scratches as well!

click here

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