Scrambled word documents ie gobbledygook

  at Fred 21:24 06 Feb 2007

Hi All - got some word docs created too long ago for me to do a mental retrieval! When I loaded them they had been changed to a mixture of words from the Greek/Russian and English Languages... how do I return to the original and to add to the woes and paranoia other docs have been turned into what is probably some sort of computer code which I can best describe as a version of Looney Toons cartoonspeke!

Heeeeeelllllppppp puuuulleeeeesseeee!!!!


  Totally-braindead 21:26 06 Feb 2007

How long ago? Do you know what program was used to save them? If you right click any of the documents as click on properties it should tell you.

  VoG II 21:30 06 Feb 2007

Do you still have the required font(s) installed?

Will it open in Notepad - Right click > Open With > Choose program.

  at Fred 16:00 08 Feb 2007

Thank you for trying - to clarify in better detail the stuff was written up literally years ago on my desk top which is currently in an attic! From memory it was all done and saved in word. All I have is a cd which makes it all somewhat messier - will try the ptroperties factor and come back if I may...

  Ptolemy 16:54 08 Feb 2007

There is a helpful application called DOCReapir click here that I've used to recover corrupted Word docs.

If I remember correctly you can download a trial that will let see what you can recover if you buy the product. I have the full version, so if it works for you message me via the envelope icon and we can discuss how to get your docs back.

  at Fred 16:05 11 Feb 2007

Thank you for that - I will have a go and come back either way... FF

  VoG II 16:07 11 Feb 2007

You could also try the trial of QuickView Plus click here

  birdface 16:15 11 Feb 2007

Probably nothing to do with your problem,Microsoft have been trying to fix Word for a few months now,I think some virus got into it,As far as I know they will have a fix for it on Tuesdays Microsoft Security downloads.

  at Fred 16:17 11 Feb 2007

Just had a go and it didn't work!!! What it did do was to change all the text - well 89% plus of it to a layout of question marks which didn't really clarify things greatly?

Really dunno folks perhaps there is a clairvoyant out there who can recall what I have forgotten!!!

  jz 18:59 11 Feb 2007

How old are these documents? If they are older than around 12 years, or if they are more recent but you were using an old version of Word at the time, it could be that they are in a discontinued Word file format.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon my CV which was written in 1988 in an old DOS version of Word (it might even have been the first ever version of Word). It wouldn't open in Word 2000, but I found an import filter on the Microsoft website that allows recent versions of Word to open it, and then it opened fine.

Before I installed the filter, I can't remember if Word refused to open it, or if it displayed gobbledygook.

  jz 19:16 11 Feb 2007

Here's an example of a "converter pack" (I think my terminology may have been wrong when I said "import filter" for Word 2000...

click here(office.10).aspx

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