Scrabble installation headache...

  nick_j007 15:25 17 Mar 2004

Hello all,

I'm at my father-in-laws trying to install Scrabble 2003.
It would appear that it does install ok, but when the credit scenes are loading with the logo's etc. I then hear a click inside the monitor and it completely finishes reverting back to the desktop!
I have downloaded a 2 MB patch for this game from Ubisoft, but seems to be of no help on this issue.
He has an XP home machine, 128 MB Ram. Emachines 130 is the PC concerned.

Also, I see on the back of the package for the game it says: not compatible with: Intel i810 and i815 video cards. Under the device managers System devices it says "Intel 82810 Systems & Graphics Controllers"
82810 seems rather similar to the i810 as above.....Is this the basis of my problem then I wonder?

Hope you can help soon as I am due to leave here in an hour or so to drive back to the Midlands.

Cheers all,


  ventanas 15:28 17 Mar 2004

I think you may have answered your own question. Incompatible graphics seems the obvious.

  Old Shep 15:32 17 Mar 2004

The only thing can say is that had the same problem with The Sims Deluxe Edition. It installed o.k. but when trying to access it went back to the desktop. I took it back to the shop and exchanged it and it worked perfecly. Dont forget to uninstall your present game if you do this. Maybe the shop can advise you on your card????

  nick_j007 15:51 17 Mar 2004

Thank you both,

Regrettably it was bought from Amazon and as it is now an opened package they just won't have it back! I have asked.

Is the graphics number I quote of the same family do you think?

So, either a compatibilty issue or a 'bad' disc. Any further ventures on what the solution may be? I will of course resign to defeat and incompatibility if this is the case.

Thank you again,


  ventanas 15:56 17 Mar 2004

You can try it on another machine if you can, that should resolve both possibilites. If it proves to be a dodgy disc they should take it back.

  Old Shep 15:57 17 Mar 2004

To check if it is the disk or not try installing it on a different machine. Sounds like the same graphics number but you never know.

  Old Shep 15:58 17 Mar 2004


  nick_j007 16:03 17 Mar 2004

Just been told that the same game played fine on his other daughters machine, so not a disc problem then!

Am downloading latest drivers for this Intel chipset for the hell of it and will try one last time.



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