Scheduled file backup

  Virtuosity 12:41 26 Jul 2004

I've been looking into this for awhile so I thought I ask you as well.
Basically I am looking for a software that after the initial cloning of a harddrive to another one, it will let me update the backup drive. Like, it should only copy the updated or new files to backup drive and also it should delete the obsolete files from the backup drive. And ideally all this operation should be scheduled!
I couldn't see any software can do this so I am looking to set a mirrored RAID but I prefer the software option if there is one.
Thank you in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:02 26 Jul 2004

click here - I use this one.

I have a ghost image of a clean, updated Windows install. The above programe then adds my data (documents, emails, music etc) to the same drive (not to the image mind you).

Free and easy.

  Virtuosity 14:58 26 Jul 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus, it is a very nice and easy program. It does almost everything I need but it doesn't remove the obsolete files and folders which is very crucial for me (otherwise the backup drive will fill with old files and folders in no time). I do alot of image editing.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:13 26 Jul 2004

Hi Virtuosity; there is an option to "replicate folder and file deletions" which may do what you want. It is on bottom left of the settings editor.

That does the job for me when necessary - ie if I delete a file that I have worked on, the next time that the scheduler runs it will delte it from the backup folder too.

  Virtuosity 17:29 26 Jul 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus, I didn't noticed that. Working just fine.

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