jack 20:02 11 Nov 2005

Are these bi-directional as they are?
I seem to recall a SCART lead with an in/out switch- but is it a requirement.

What I asm aiming to do is this.
I have made a VCD of some family material.
Not all family members have DVD players[as cheap as they are]
So for those that are without but have a VCR a Tape for them would be an answer
So SCART from DVD to VCR -Will it or wont it?

  woodchip 20:10 11 Nov 2005

Yes you only need a scart cable that is a strait one not switch etc. you can copy from DVD to VCR

  Gongoozler 20:56 11 Nov 2005

This page shows all the Scart connections click here.

  Gongoozler 20:58 11 Nov 2005

---- but check the manuals for the DVD and VCR. Equipment manufacturers don't always use all the pins on the SCARTs, some may be connected as out only, and some as in only.

  jack 09:02 12 Nov 2005

Thank you both
After my keep the peace activities with herself this morning [Vacuuming the lounge] I shall be on my knees
unknitting cables.

  Stuartli 09:33 12 Nov 2005

Some basic Scart to Scart leads, as pointed out, do have a switch for In/Out.

You need to ensure that you get a Scart lead with all 21 pins connected and also that it is a quality product - cheapo 99p examples from discount stores are just not worth it.

Tesco sells them at reasonable prices.

  jack 14:52 13 Nov 2005

The final word
I did it- but by a way unimagined at the time.
On examining the knitting behind the TV [3 units + a switch box=-after herself thrust a mop in my and hand said 'Whilst you are it'
Is'n't that enough to confuse even more?
I noticed that these were 2 types, two really thick almonst unbendable and a thinner one
I assumed that thick= all pins and thin =half the pins.
Any way nothing seemed to work or perhaps cables/ dusting- just confused the issue.
So I took the DVD up to the den to the VCR I have there a simple connection , There rooting around the back of the VCR- which connects to Old TV by RF I found a scart with an in/out switch plugged- Ho-Ho whats this? following the wire to under the scanner where it terminated into a set of RCA plus and camcorder plug - with a long forgotten TV capture device attached.
Plugged the RCA's into DVD and Bingo- recording done.

  Smiler 15:43 13 Nov 2005

You only need a scart with a switch if you are connecting a camcorder to the vcr so that you can record to or from either

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