scart inputs on TV,DVD,VCR and Freeview.

  Fred the flour grader 15:23 12 Jan 2004

Hi guys,
Can anyone solve this problem with my mother-in-laws telly.
She bought a Freeview reciever and has it connected via scart and RF cables to her VCR and TV.
The problem is she cannot record from her Freeview whilst watching another channel on the TV.
I have looked at the setup on my Tv and stuff,(i have a pace set-top box for Telewest active digital TV) and the only difference being that my set-top box has two scart sockets, whereas her Freeview box only has one.
I apologise in advance for this not being a PC related problem, but thought some wizard in the Helproom could fix this mystery.

  ugy101 16:06 12 Jan 2004

throw it out of the window

  SEASHANTY 16:20 12 Jan 2004

There are some setup diagrams on the What Video website click here
but the main problem is the lack of two scarts on the Freeview Box. The Sagem twin scart Freeview box is £60 from Woolworths, Amazon and TJ Hughes Stores and it copes pretty well with everything including weak digital signals. Running the Freeview box via the VCR then to the TV is probably causing the TV to switch to AV setting. You cannoy anyway record one Freeview Channel whilst watching another. You would need to have TWO Freeview boxes to do that. Only thing I can suggest is that she records the Freeview channel on the VCR AV setting and removes the scart plug from the TV to watch an analogue channel from the aerial input. The PACE omelette shaped freeview box only has the one scart but it has a button on the remote to allow you to switch settings between TV and AV which allows you to watch an analogue channel on the TV whilst recording a digital channel on the VCR.......... But .... having two scarts on the FREEVIEW box plus two on the VCR and two or three scart sockets on the TV makes is all soooooo much easier to set up.

  Stuartli 16:21 12 Jan 2004

It's because you only have one Freeview box Scart socket - you need two to enable one to go to the video and one to the TV.

The normal procedure is that the TV aerial's coaxial cable goes into the Freeview box, a second goes from that to the video recorder and then one from the video to the television.

The first Scart lead from the Freeview box goes to the video (the correct socket is usually marked), the second from the box goes to the television's AV channel.

This enables you to record Freeview programmes whilst, at the same time, watching the same programme or a terrestial channel programme on television.

You will need to discover which channel to use on the video for Freeview recordings (I have an 11-year-old Mitsubishi stereo VCR that uses L1 for this purpose); it was originally incorporated to make recordings from the old analogue satellite channels.

The less you pay for a Freeview box, the more likely it is to have only one Scart socket and that's a real drawback in these modern times.

Might be worth trying one of the auto switching Scart outlet boxes from Argos (was about £25 recently) and connect up the video and Freeview box from that.

  Fred the flour grader 13:09 13 Jan 2004

Thanks, SEASHANTY and Stuartli.

I will have to inform her that it don't look like it can be done.
I purchased a switching scart box from Argos, to see if that would do the trick but it's not making no difference.

Why are these things so bloody complicated?.

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