Scar in forum

  danolito 20:04 19 May 2004

"I was looking in the help forum, when i spotted something about a virus,one of the guys was explaining what to do, he said click here. so i did, it took me to a web page."Anti virus"On the page, "it asked would you like your PC checked." so I clicked on it. (bad move)it said I had something bad in my browser.then it asked if it could look in my hard drive, I clicked no,nexst thing a dialog box pops up and starts counting down, when i tried to close it down, my two driver draws poped open, things started flashing it happend so fast, i managed to close it down. can anyone explain what that was all about. PS I did a virus check and ad-ware, every thing sims fine.

  Gaz 25 20:21 19 May 2004

whats the link so I can check out?

  Dan the Confused 20:30 19 May 2004

The Pandasoftware/ActiveScan site?

  Gaz 25 20:33 19 May 2004

panda antivirus is perfectly safe.

  Dan the Confused 20:36 19 May 2004

Thought so...just checking, thanks

  Old Shep 21:16 19 May 2004

Would be nice to get a reply so we all know what the link is!!!

  lucky1 21:40 19 May 2004

The suspense is killing!

  stalion 21:43 19 May 2004

as I have said before post then dissapear nauseating aint it

  Old Shep 21:43 19 May 2004

I think it shouls have been headed SLIGHT ON FORUM

  Legolas 21:48 19 May 2004

Give the guy a chance lads maybe he went out or his comp is playing up or... etc etc etc.

  lucky1 21:50 19 May 2004

Anybody know his phone number? lol

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