scanreg /restore dates ??

  gudda96 09:23 09 Mar 2004

I use w98SE and when I try scanreg /restore, the 3 dates are all Dec, can I adjust those to a more modern settings and if so, how.

Thank you

  johnnyrocker 09:28 09 Mar 2004

you may well have a problem because i believe it is supposed to show the last five or so boot ups (unless you have been connected for the last 3 months;)


  Jester2K 09:48 09 Mar 2004

Go back to DOS and type

scanreg /backup

it will then make a new backup using current settings.

  gudda96 16:01 09 Mar 2004

Hi Jester

The only trouble with that is that I am not very happy with current setting . Remeber it took me back to Dec and I have lost a lot that happened between those dates.

It sounds good though that once I have configured all again, I can do what you say, is that right.

BTW, when I receive your response(and others) in my hotmail, I c/o the link that takes me to PCA but I cannot log-in after enterering my details but I CAN LOG-IN if I go from my favorites where I have PCA.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:04 09 Mar 2004

Thru hotmail its redirected outside hotmail and you still in there site so your cookie wont be on there site and might not let u log in.

  Jester2K 16:21 09 Mar 2004

Customise Scanreg - click here

SRedit.exe - click here - program to help make those changes.

Also make sure Scanreg is running on startup.

Start Menu, Run.. type MSCONFIG and hit enter.

Check for an entry on the StartUp list with


in it.

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