scanreg from c prompt

  Drifter 23:29 10 Nov 2005

hello, I've lost a sector of my hard drive, I placed the drive in another machine as slave and it ran scandisc on it and it blocked off a sector which was "BAD", replaced the drive in it's proper case and windows detects a registry conflict, says select c prompt and run SCANREG. I tried this but it just says "bad command".
How can I replace the bit of windows I've lost. It's win98SE. Is there a way to run scanreg from the boot floppy?
As always, very grateful for any advice. Adrian

  LastChip 23:52 10 Nov 2005

Boot-up with your boot floppy, without CD ROM support (not necessary) and you will end up with a command prompt a:

At the prompt type;

C: [enter]

which should change you to a C: prompt, now type;

scanreg /restore [enter]

and let the utility run. Pick a date prior to your woes and keep everything crossed!

  Skyver 23:54 10 Nov 2005

You might need to do c:\windows\command\scanreg /restore if it's not found automatically.

  Drifter 00:22 11 Nov 2005

Thanks, but it keeps saying bad command or file name.

  Skyver 00:26 11 Nov 2005

`c:\windows\command\scanreg.exe /restore`?

If that doesnt work, make sure the prompt says c: again (type `c:` again if it doesn't) , and do `dir scanreg*.* /s` , note the folder and include the whole path when you try again

  Drifter 00:45 11 Nov 2005

tried both these, 1st, Bad command, 2nd gave the drive volume name & number, then scanned drive and said "File not found". I guess that's it then, format & reinstall? Thanks for trying.

  Skyver 00:49 11 Nov 2005

No scanreg..well, if you find WIN*.cab files using the dir /s command, you can extract the SCANREG file from those. Usually in windows\command\options\cabs.
Alternatively, make a boot floppy with this click here and do it from A:, it has scanreg on it.

  Drifter 01:10 11 Nov 2005

thanks, the floppy did scanreg, but it's beyond repair, says to install windows to a new directory.
Thanks for the help and the floppy link. Cheers.Adrian

  Skyver 01:12 11 Nov 2005

No problem.

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