Scanning Speed of 35mm Negatives to File

  buckland 19:55 05 Dec 2005

My Epson Perfection 1660 Photo Scanner is taking about 6 minutes to scan and file 4 colour Images on a 35mm Strip negative. Scan goes through Epson's Smart Panel set up. The final result is O.K. BUT would anyone confirm that this speed is acceptable or should it be faster? Many thanks. BUCKLAND

  alB 20:11 05 Dec 2005

Not sure aboout the speed of the scanner but what you could check is the DPI you are scanning at, the higher the DPI the longer it will take to scan, I think 300 is about as high as you need to go...alB

  Chris the Ancien 20:26 05 Dec 2005

It depends on how sharp you want the stored image to be.

I recently did about 50 for my neighbour - to decent printable standard - and it took me all afternoon!

If you want good quality printable files, I wouldn't have thought that six minutes per scan are unreasonable for the normal domestic pc.

  pharte 22:32 05 Dec 2005

I bought a dedicated negative scanner and have put it back in the box until I get a broken leg or some good length of time to spend scanning my vast collection of negatives.
the scan and software setup times and were as bad as yours if not worse.

  absent 22:42 05 Dec 2005

I have the 1650 and the timescale you are achieving seems in keeping with my results.

  anskyber 22:44 05 Dec 2005

Canon scanner at 33dpi takes about 1min.

  anskyber 22:44 05 Dec 2005


  buckland 00:51 06 Dec 2005

Many thanks to everyone. I have tried to vary the DPI but it makes little difference to the speed although therein lies the answer. I shall stick with it as what I am getting seems to be the norm. As I have about 4000 negatives to get through it will keep me going until retirement age at 69. Thanks again. BUCKLAND

  jack 08:37 06 Dec 2005

Scanning speed depends more on PC resources than the actual scanner.
Firstly RAM how much is available , to get decent processing 1024Mb on an XP system and then with all other progs shut down.

Mt Perfect 2400[at bit old had now] will deal with a 4 transparency strip in approx a minute

  Newuser4165 10:10 06 Dec 2005

The scanning time is primarily dependant on the input resolution.
I have a Minolta Scan Dual (SCSI) which I use to scan in negatives at the maximum resoution of 2438dpi.
This allows a 13x8 print to be produced with a resolution of 240dpi.
The scanning time for each of my negatives is around 75 seconds comparable with your scanner taking 6 minutes to scan 4 negatives.

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