Scanning slides (can it be done?)

  The Teacher 22:36 19 Dec 2003

I have some old slides that I would like to scan into my PC and then put onto CD for use with a PC connected projector.

The old projector has given up the ghost and would cost more to repair than to replace. As I can have the use of a projector from work I don't want to fork out for a new projector.

I have tried to scan the slides in as I would an ordinary photo but all I got was a copy of the slide as sat on the scanner bed. If possible I would like to be able to scan in the slides, put on CD and alter etc., with photo editing software any that may need altering, repairs etc..

Is there any way this can be done? I have never tried this before so I am at a loss. I have looked at my scanner manufacturers website and in the manual but I can find nothing relevant.

Many Thanks

The Teacher

  johnem 22:44 19 Dec 2003

The Teacher, I have not tried to scan slides, but my Visioneer One Touch came with an adapter template especially for that purpose. It will only scan one slide at a time and locates the slide in the centre of the platform. Try the Visioneer site for some info.

  dimercaprol 22:44 19 Dec 2003

Flatbed scanners with a film adaptor will be able to scan your slides - Epson do a good one for about £120. For better quality, you need a proper slide scanner (expect to pay a minimum of £250 for a decent one). It sounds as if your current scanner does not have this facility.

  Giggle n' Bits 22:47 19 Dec 2003

Scanners which have Transparrency adapters are the type you need to do the 35mm slides.

I point you in the direction of the Canon Cannoscan 300F Or 3200F at around the £65 - 70 mark. These are also USB 2.0 interface and backaward compatible with the older usb interface.
Comes with everything also and there even nice to look at not like the old boring beige colours.
click here or click here have em and they sell quick.

Dabs also I like to comliment on the rapid delivery service last week. My items I am stocking up on for my cusotmers were arriving within 24Hrs and I was only paying a stadard Parcel Force delvery charge so also well done Dabs & also Parcel force for speedy and getting them here in one piece.

Watford take note - Your slow.

  The Teacher 23:53 19 Dec 2003


I will e-mail the manufacturer with scanner model etc., and see what they say before shelling out on a new scanner or add ons.

The Teacher

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