Scanning a Signature

  dregn 16:10 04 Apr 2004

My wife wants to provide the secretary of an voluntary organisation which she belongs to with a scanned copy of her signature.
The sig. would be applied to documents generated in MS Word. She has asked me to provide the necessary file, but I am stumped.

How should I go about this ?

I am rather hazy about using my scanner for this.

Any advice much appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:13 04 Apr 2004

Get her to sign a white page with black ink.

Scan it and save as a tif file (irfanview is a good program for this).

Cut / trim the part of it that you want and there you go.

  dregn 17:13 04 Apr 2004

Diodorus Siculus

Many thanks for that !

Problem solved.

Thanks again.

  Boy Zone 19:38 04 Apr 2004

Looking at this thread, was just what I wanted to do, problem being I wanted to do this for Emails and winfax. The proble I have is that a tiff file will be too large 500k. Can you do the same by using a note pad device?

  spuds 19:44 04 Apr 2004

irfanview download click here

Boy Zone- Best to start your own new posting, for a better response.

  Djohn 19:45 04 Apr 2004

I would think so. Also try scanning at a lower resolution. 75 DPI will be fine for e-mail. j.

  Cesar 09:55 05 Apr 2004

If you are using WinFax Pro you already have the facilities for a signature Read your win fax manual or go to help.

  Chris the Ancient 10:39 05 Apr 2004

I did the same thing with my signature, but converted it to a .gif file. It made the file quite a bit smaller (useful for e-mails) and seemed to remove any slight background shading.

It also made the signature slightly less resolved with slight aliasing - but I actually think that made for slightly better security in that it was obvious on *real* documents that it was only a reproduction signature. Thus if anyone was suspicious, they could double-check with me!

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