Scanning and Printing Resolution

  Baz48 20:39 04 Jan 2004

I have a new scanner 4800dpi x 2400dpi on which I am trying to scale scans of slides/negs to print on a Canon S330 printer at A4 without having to resample or resize in an editing prog.

Most info in mags says to print at 200 - 300dpi for good quality photos but the S330 only has draft/standard/high settings and the custom setting is just a slider with the same selections.

I seem to remember the printer resolution advertised at 2400 x 1200dpi but how does that relate to the recommended 300dpi?

The Canon site is no use whatsoever and there is no email support.


  siouxah1 21:24 04 Jan 2004

Not really au fait with resolution etc. But will put you back to the top.

However one way of doing what you want is through Paint shop pro using 'print mutiple copies'

Drag you picture onto page and drag to size.

Also 'Word' will let you insert a picture and drag to size.

That's how I do it. Very lazy but it works.

I'm sure there will be other progs that allow this and no doubt other methods. Others may well come up with a few.

Also I would use the high setting on the printer. The type of paper you use/select will have a great deal of impact on the resulting print quality.

Regards Brian j

  siouxah1 21:27 04 Jan 2004

PS Have a look here for info on resolution etc.

click here

  Baz48 21:37 04 Jan 2004

Brian, thank you for the reply.

I do have a few programs that will resize the files but when they are re-sampled you get resolution losses.

I would like to keep the smallest size of file for my records that will allow me if needed to print out at A4 without re-sampling. Like you I have previously taken the easy route and let the program size and place my photos but I would like to understand some of the technicalities and the printer resolution has me confused.


  britto 21:42 04 Jan 2004

some handy tips,click here

  Baz48 21:51 04 Jan 2004

Thanks both of you for the links.

Wow! I'll report back in about a month. :-)


  toxin 21:59 04 Jan 2004

Hi Baz48!

There is a free download prog on the Canon web site called EasyPhotoPrint.

It works with my BJC8200, and gives you some six templates to use,

Don't know if it will work for you, but may be worth a try.

  Baz48 01:09 05 Jan 2004

Hi Toxin,

Yes EasyPhotoprint came with my printer, unfortunately it only supports the JPEG format (I think) which is quite lossy. Every time you open and re-save a JPEG file it is compressed a little more, the quality getting worse.

I have found it easy and good for printing out the odd scan, especially the different number and placings on a sheet, but now I want to archive my photos in a better format and scale them to a specified print resolution.


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