Scanning with Photoshop CC, Is it possible?

  wescliff 22:20 22 Jan 2014

Cannot find an option under the import section for a source or acquire. It's hard enough to do in Elements, but in Photoshop it seems impossible. Just a nuisance having to switch to Paint Shop Pro to carry out a scan. Please does anyone know if there is a way. Grateful for any help.

  hssutton 22:56 22 Jan 2014

Download the twain driver from Adobe, after extraction drag the twain driver into the plug-in folder, bear in mind it will only work on the 32bit version

  hssutton 22:58 22 Jan 2014

Forgot the link Twain Drivers

  hssutton 23:03 22 Jan 2014

You're the first person I've come across who is using the Creative Cloud, what are your impressions?, not that I'll be subscribing, far to expensive when you are already using CS6

  wescliff 23:27 22 Jan 2014

Thanks for the link, will have a go tomorrow. Only got CC a few days ago, so am still feeling my way. Have been using CS2 for years but that now lacks some options to integrate fully with Lightroom. £17 a month is a lot easier than paying the full price at once (With CC you get the extended version). But I can see why you will stay with CS6 There are bugs with the download. Went straight onto my laptop but was many hours before the installer stopped telling me to connect to the internet when trying to put it on my desktop. Searching showed this and other issues with installation to be legion. But it's ok now. One quirk with plugins - the very old KPT3 works but the much later KPT effects doesn't. Fortunately my favourites Nik and OnOne work fine. Nice to have them in Photoshop as well as Lightroom. I have also discovered that during December Adobe were offering Photoshop and Lightroom (CC) for £8 a month. I already have Lightroom but it would still have been a great deal. Are they getting desperate? Thanks again.

  wescliff 23:32 22 Jan 2014

Just one question if I may. That driver is for CS6. I suppose it will work with CC as they are so similar.


  wescliff 23:37 22 Jan 2014

Doesn't matter, it will work. Thank you Lazarus the second, your link confirmed it.

  john bunyan 08:20 23 Jan 2014

I also have CS5, do not want a subscription. I have tried, and so far failed , to find a way of updating to CS6 without a subscription. I also prefer TWAIN, and scan in 32 bit version. I have to switch to the 64bit version for batch command as the 32bit version crashes when I try to use the "file, automate, batch" command. Sorry to intrude but maybe hssutton could advise how to upgrade without a subscription? (I think they have made a marketing error in not offering the "old" upgrade method.)

  wescliff 14:36 23 Jan 2014

Working, thank you.

As regards the subscription method, don't forget that it will take at least four years at £17 a month to actually "pay" for Photoshop, which is all I have subscribed to. In that time should version CC1 become available I can have it and any other upgrades automatically without adding to the cost. If you are using the old method you would have to pay for the upgrade.

In my case, still stuck on CS2 it was a no-brainer. CS5 & CS6 are obviously a more difficult decision. But as you have CS5 you can subscribe to the cloud for a much lower price than I had to pay. Cloud Plans Perhaps worth thinking about.

  wescliff 14:39 23 Jan 2014

Forgot to mention, the price you would pay of £8.78 per month also includes Lightroom and Bridge.

  hssutton 20:36 23 Jan 2014


Thanks for your feedback on your CC. Yes I agree it's worthwhile if you where on CS2. Different kettle of fish if you have already paid out for previous upgrades. A great many people unhappy with Adobe effectively abandoning it's loyal customer base. Adobe are still offering the £8.78 per month subscription, but only for owners of CS3 and above. By the way did you get the Nik upgrades (should have been automatic from Google)

John. I think you may have left it to late to upgrade, it was possible a few months ago, but I think it's very doubtful now

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