A Scanning & Paper Port v.7 Problem

  dublincity 01:08 17 Nov 2003

I recently posted this question, "Does anybody know if a whole batch of scans can be converted from .max to .jpg format with one click, rather than having to convert each scan individually - which takes a lot longer? THANKS... "

I received the following reply (thanks sdf), " ........... I use paper port deluxe 7, if you highlight all the images you want (holding ctrl & clicking in case you didnt know) - then click export as normal and go from there. .......... ".

Well, that didn't solve the problem. Somebody is scanning many thousands of pages for me on Paper Port v.7 de luxe - and I'm trying to make life easier for her by remote control. I personally am not familiar with her scanning process. She tells me that when constructing folders containing 300 scanned 'files', she has to go through a series of clicks for EACH ONE of the 300 in order to convert them individually from .max to .jpg format. She wants to know if she can scan the 300 in .max format (which evidently she can do very quickly) and THEN use a single click to convert the whole batch into .jpg format rather than use the '300 sets of clicks' which she's using at present. All advice will be gratefully received.

  Djohn 01:13 17 Nov 2003

I'm not familiar with Paper-port, but would have thought that the method suggested would work.

Has your friend remembered to hold the "Ctrl" key down all the time while she clicks on each file, rather than just clicking the "Ctrl" key once, then letting go. Regards. j.

  dublincity 02:55 17 Nov 2003

Thanks, John - I've passed that on ............

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