Scanning with MS-Word & Brother ?!

  Furkin 15:25 01 Jul 2009

I have a Brother MFC 5840CN, which is a very good machine. I have always stood up for their Customer Care in the past as well,,,, but this time, I’m flummoxed (a technical term !?)
I use MS-Word 2002. Instead of using the ‘normal’ template, I have a couple of blanks saved with the margins set at minimum. This is in case I want to scan an A4 into it. (99.9% of my stuff is basic A4 size).

When I try to insert several sheets/pages into a Word document I go to INSERT > PICTURE > FROM SCANNER OR CAMERA.. I then get the option of Insert or Customise.
1/ If I click “Insert”, it will scan all the pages in the feeder,,,, but unfortunately it seems to lop off the right hand side of the scanned sheets. The page and the scanner are set up for A4 size.
2/ If I click “Customise”, it will only scan ONE page at a time – tho’ perfectly – then I have to go back to the scanner menu to set it all up again for EVERY page.

I’ve been trying to use Brothers normally excellent customer care dept, but after several exchanges of e-mails, I decided to call them. I was surprised that the tech chap there said that he was surprised that I am using MS-Word for my purpose,,,,, he has NEVER heard of anyone using MS-Word for scanning,,,,, & that this printer (possibly all Brother printers) are not compatible with MS-Word !
I find this very hard to believe,,,,,,,,

Any ideas please ?

  Furkin 07:53 03 Jul 2009

any ideas please ?

  Diemmess 10:52 03 Jul 2009

I had never thought of doing the job your way in spite of having used scanners for years.

You ask for ideas?

If you accept that a scanned 'document' is a picture whether it started life as a typed sheet or an impressionist masterpiece, and it may need a little editing first.

So as well as the Brother techie, I would not expect to put this image straight into Word (even though Word is a fantastic piece of software)

Why not scan the sheets you wish to insert, save them as separate files, and then insert them as pictures by a variety of ways into the Word document as you build it?

  Furkin 18:05 03 Jul 2009

Thanks for your comments Diemmess,

Yep - I do realise that scanned sheets are "pictures" and not editable pages of text.

It seems then that I have been doing this wrong all these years.

It's all the more annoying when it will print ONE sheet perfectly and as per my useage,,,, but won't do 'multi pages,,,,
and it will scan multiple pages,,, but lops the right hand side off.

Might it be better to scan multi sheets into P.Shop ? Is it 'possible' to scan multi sheets into P.Shop ? I'm sure I tried it, and again would only scan one page.

Oh well,,,,, back to the drawing board ?!

thanks again.

  Diemmess 11:32 04 Jul 2009

[If I click “Insert”, it will scan all the pages in the feeder.]

Your scanner is way out of my league, but there must be some scanner control right at the beginning to set at least some parameters of page size and orientation. I suppose that is why you tried for help from Brother's techie.

Photoshop is fine but shouuld be unnecessary if the proper area has been scanned at the start.

  Furkin 22:22 04 Jul 2009

Thanks again Diemmess,
I've had this All-In-One for some years now. I had never used the Control Panel before.
80% of my scanning is printed (text) sheets.
What I usually do is keep a copy of the incoming letters & my outgoing letters in a Word file. I file like this for speed when needing to access & compare letters.
At the advice of Brother, I have recently tried using the control panel and it will do the job, except it won't save the image for Word use,,,, & according to Bro', need to save as .pdf,,,,,, but I don't really want .pdf files,,,, it dosn't suit MY purpose.

I've used Word since I started with compters (almost, as they were still DOSS when I started), have had many printers & scanners over the years, & so far, they've always been compatible. This is the first time that i've come across this, or even heard about it.

Trust me eh ??

Thanks again for your advice.
I'm sure that my previous all in ones havn't been like this

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