Scanning to keep safe How often?

  gel 17:39 07 Apr 2007

I have installed on my computers Ad aware- Superantispy -SpyBlaster- Windows defender
Avast free edition Anti virus
Zone alarm free edition Firewall

How often should I scan with these devises ? Daily Weekly or what?
I have a desk top and a lap top and it seems to me that I could spend all my time scanning.
It could drive me over the top.Please advise before it does.
Happy Easter

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:46 07 Apr 2007

You have more than enough programmes, in fact a tad OTT, and all I use is Spyware terminator and AVG. I would dump Windows defender as it can bloat out and Spyblaster. Scan with your AV once a month and with Adaware once a week. I never scan with my AV and just let Spyware terminator scan once a day on auto although it never finds anything.

  skidzy 17:47 07 Apr 2007

Weekly or fortnightly should be fine make sure you update before scanning.

  gel 19:37 07 Apr 2007

Thanks for the comments skidzy and GANDALF.
Just a simple question GANDAlF Do you use the free Spyware terminator, also I notice that there is an element of antivirus in spyware terminator Does this conflict with your AVG antivirus?

  Belatucadrus 20:05 07 Apr 2007

Ignore the clamwin anti virus component of Spyware Terminator, it's not that good and avast! is plenty. If you did however decide to put it on, it will probably not clash as it's just a scanner/cleaner it has no active shield function and they're the bits that usually try and kill each other when AV software clashes.

  mocha 21:37 07 Apr 2007

Hi gel,
I have found Avast very good at intersecting virus's as they try getting onto your computer some other AV's inform you later that you've got a virus and then you can have problems getting rid of it. So good choice.

Spywareblaster is that what you mean (you have typed Spyblaster) i'm not being funny but their are many product's out on the web that try using names that are close to top quality products. If it is Spywareblaster then you have another top choice.

ZoneAlarm is an excellent Choice also, although the latest edition 7.00 has given some people problems.

Window's Defender is a young product but seems to be gaining kudos

Ad aware is another top product

In all I think you have a balanced choice.

Personally, because I use the web often I scan my computer once a month, setting aside time, say a couple of hours too run all my defences, checking beforehand that each one has had it's definitions updated. If you suspect, between schedule scans, that you have a problem then scan immediately it's for your benifit.

  woodchip 21:46 07 Apr 2007

Don't use anything now other than Router Firewall and Avast on my XP computers. Win98se as nothing other than the above. I never had a Virus from 1995 or Spyware or anything else that I noticed. They do not throw up any pops up or anything. But I do use my 98se most for the Net. Common sense is one of the main things like no clicking on links when you visit sites not opening attachments unless I know who it's from etc.

I Delete Browser History Cookies end of surf session

  woodchip 21:52 07 Apr 2007

My 98se comp uses a Anti-Virus that I never have to update. As it monitors my System as I work and checks all files and changes that happen. If anything untoward happens a Popup window asks if I want to allow. It knows when it's a program or update that is being loaded

  provider 2 22:04 07 Apr 2007

Avast! does clash very seriously with the AV element of Spyware Terminator. I made the mistake of thinking it would not be much of a problem, but had to uninstall it pretty quickly afterwards.

  gel 22:14 07 Apr 2007

Thank you all very much for your comments( I did mean
Spywareblaster not Spyblaster, but a valid point was made)
I very much appreciate your help and will act accordingly.
Thank you

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