Scanning film negatives

  surfer47 15:06 27 Apr 2007

I have a Canon MP600 combination printer/scanner and I want to be able to scan my film negatives into my PC. Is there any way of doing this?

  johndrew 15:52 27 Apr 2007

Depends on the negative size. If they are 35mm then you could use a slide/transparency copier, but you may well have to cut and mount them first. If they are large negatives, you could try covering them with a sheet of white paper prior to scanning but I`m not certain of the result you will get.

  Jack Hackett 15:52 27 Apr 2007

You need to use a 'slide' adapter, check availability for your hardware

  anskyber 16:00 27 Apr 2007

I think it might be the MP600R that you have?

I also think it may not have the ability to do negatives (or positives from slides)

Canon tend to bundle the Arc soft Photostudio software with their kit. If you have it, launch it and choose acquire (the scanner icon from the tool bar) If you can do it, the top right of the window which opens will give you some drop down options which may include "film negative".

  the hick 16:18 27 Apr 2007

Best to use a dedicated 35mm film scanner, they have higher resolution. I have used an attachment on my Epson scanner, results not too good. It must be possible somehow to copy negs. and slides with a digital camera, similar to the old 35mm slide copier attachments that were once available for SLR cameras. But I've not seen one for a digital camera yet.

  jack 16:22 27 Apr 2007

You do need the 'Light in Lid' facility plus the holders and the appropriate software do achieve this.
From the description of the device this is not so equipped.

If you have a small number of negatives and it is likely to be a one off ,then a Fuji Digital processing station located at Supermarket/Boots/Jessops is the answer getting the results put onto CD.

  eedcam 18:08 27 Apr 2007

Best to use a dedicated 35mm film scanner, they have higher resolution

Have to disagree there you dont need to I use an epson allinone and canscan at 2400 which gives excellent results with 35 mm If your scanning 120 negs you'llget away with scanning at 1200

  malgall 19:50 27 Apr 2007

i have seen a gadget a small light you put your
negatives in then put it on any scanner

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