Scanning docs to send via email

  pmrita 23:21 15 May 2003

I have about 60 documents to scan and send via email to one address, HELP, what in easy terms is the quickest way to do this. We do not have any instructions and have never scanned before. Thanks

unless you have a very good OCR program you would be best to get typing, unless you just scan them in as bitmap pictures at a low resolution,

  Diemmess 07:27 16 May 2003

Simply scanning a document -gives you a picture.

To be able to send this picture in a sensible time, you must reduce the resolution to a tiny size, probably making the result unreadable.

The best way is to send a printable word document as an attachment.

For a single simple document typing it out into a word processor is probably as quick as any other method.

You have 60 for one address!
The only practical way is to use a decent OCR application and paste the result into separate pages as one file in your word processor.

Then "attach" the finished file to an email to the recipient address.

  Pesala 09:33 16 May 2003

Scan at a decent resolution - 200 dpi would be adequate - burn on a CD-R and post or send by Express Courier, otherwise a bit too big to send by email.

You can get perfectly legible results by scanning at only 50 dpi, though it will depend on the quality of the originals.

To give you some idea. I scanned one of those Magazine Ads for with tiny print in full colour. At 75 dpi it was just about legible by zooming in to 200% and took 104 Kbytes on disk. If your originals are sharp, normal sized typed letters, 50 dpi will be fine and file sizes should be small enough for emailing, though don't try to send them all at once - maybe 3 at once is enough.

A similar A4 advertisement scanned at 200 dpi showed even fine print clearly but took 435 Kbytes on disk.

I wouldn't bother with OCR some errors may be introduced. This can have serious consequences with phone numbers or prices.

  stlucia 11:40 16 May 2003

Scanning is simple. Generally speaking, you start up your scanning software, put the document onto the scanner glass, and click on the "scan" button on your PC. Before that, the menu on your screen will probably give you several options, such as type of document (colour, black & white, photo, letter, etc.) and resolution. As others have said already, keep the resolution as low as possible to keep the finished file size small -- I use 150dpi, which prints out well on a normal printer. Probably 75dpi will be satisfactory.

When the document has been scanned, the program will allow you to save it onto your PC. Give it a name, and click on "Save". You may be given several file type options when saving, such as .bmp, .tif, .jpg -- if so, select .jpg which will compress the file size.

Repeat 59 more times, giving a different name each time!

Then you can compose an email and attach a few of these files to it -- 60 at one time will almost certainly cause problems.

  woodchip 11:48 16 May 2003

If they need to edit the doc's you have to let them have them as a text doc, ether OCR or direct from your computer doc files. Or it means them doing OCR at there End, it which case you would have to do as above send as jpeg to make small but the problem then would be they would not get good recognition from OCR

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