Scanners that wont work in XP

  jack 09:36 18 Sep 2004

Earlier this year a pal sought my help because after moving on from Win98 to 2000 his fairly new USB Muskek scanner would not work.
Having consulted this forum on his behalf and followed all the heplfull URL's to driver sites, I eventually found on the Mustek site a 'conversion' kit. This came in as 13 E-mail each with a 1.5Mb attachment which had to be unpacked and assembled onto a CD. It evenually showed as a 2 part offering - a dll pack which had to be loaded first then the 'panel' that had to be installed there after, When done the 'Panel' worked fine but the scanner simply didnot want to know. Missing dll reports flowed thick and fast, each one found after a long web search another would pop up its missing message.
Mustek not unsurprisingly were not at all forthcomig. My pal eventually went out an bought himself a new scanner.
I have since had another come my way - similar problem worked fine with 95/8 wont go with 2000/XP
This forum has of late had a similar flurry I notice - Move to a new operating system - scanner no go.
Pondering this I have come to a conclusion - Scanners unlike many other peripheral devices must have fairly comprehensive firm ware on ROM to control scan rate/traction stepper motor/resolution/lighitinlid switching.
[did I miss something] and it seems to me nothing downloaded into the computer will persuade something built to run on 95/8 family to recognise NTFS commands.
So it seems to me that when next a plea comes this way -the stock answer will be try the manufactuers site first
if no joy - new scanner. What you all think?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:05 18 Sep 2004

I have found that both HP and Epson scanners have made the transition to XP with no problem - the drivers are readily available.

Some of the small manufacturers though don't seem to have the same resources to develop drivers.

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