Scanner's colour too high - is it terminal?

  polymath 19:42 14 Mar 2008

All images captured by my 8-year-old scanner have suddenly, for the first time, become far too deeply coloured (and wasting ink!).
Is this a cue for a new scanner? It's as if its light's become dim. It's always produced a slight blue cast in some modes, but the black's much too heavy now (as is red), and it can't seem to 'see' yellow. It happens in both copying and scanning to an application (the only scanner facilities I use), and whatever its colour scanning settings (for destination/original or enhanced copy)

I'm sure it's not my printer, or screen settings, and I can't have changed any colour balance settings for the scanner (there aren't any). Scan previews on screen look like the printouts; too dark. All non-scanned images (or those scanned before this recent problem) are correct in colour (apart from the above-mentioned blue cast) both on screen and printed.

Scanner is Epson Perfection 1240U.
Win 98SE, printer HP Deskjet 970Cxi.
The Epson software writers were somehow unable to make this model copy to non-Epson printers, necessitating a 3rd-party patch; but I'd be surprised if it's anything corrupted in the patch - I think copying just wouldn't work at all.

I wondered if the scanning software (Epson Smart Panel & Twain) had got corrupted, but I would have thought that would have more of an all-or-nothing result?

Apart from the current problem I'm still pleased with the quality of the scanned images, and would rather fix it than scrap it. Any ideas?

  woodchip 19:47 14 Mar 2008

I have the 1250 IT may be the ccd lamp on it's way out, cost more than scanner is worth. Try reloading scanner driver

  polymath 20:51 14 Mar 2008

Thanks Woodchip - yes, it's worth a try, will do that tomorrow.

  polymath 21:09 28 Mar 2008

I tried to reinstall the scanner, but (a week, lots of troubleshooting and a clean Windows reinstall later), I thought I'd just check if anyone can confirm the lamp idea before trying that again!

I looked in my troubleshooting archives later and dug out the scanner wodge, which is 2cm thick. The only installation method that finally worked last time might work again, but it involved the disks for 2 versions of Epson's software; 1 part of the install would only work from 1 disk, and the other part only from the other one (in the right order of course). Not to mention adding the 3rd-party patch for using non-Epson printers, and the advice for uninstalling on the Epson website, listing which files to remove, some of which are required by Windows.....

Are lamps in scanners an all-or-nothing thing, or do they fade? If the latter, I'll simply buy a new one (hmm... maybe HP or something this time).

  polymath 16:23 30 Mar 2008


  polymath 20:56 01 Apr 2008

Got the answer under another title; scanner lamps do fade. That must be what's happened, so I'll just buy a new one (as opposed to adding more sweat-stained pages to the troubleshooting logs).

I don't really do brand loyalty, but my nice HP Deskjet (also about 8 years old) is as uncomplaining as the Epson scanner wasn't (and also as a new Epson printer I had briefly, wasn't). So HP's on my shortlist (guess who isn't?)

Thanks Woodchip.

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