Scanner and USB

  goll_y 18:24 29 Jan 2003

Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm new to this computer tech chat) but where can I find a USB on my computer? Is it the slots on the back allowing you to add a network card or TV card thing or is that a PCI card. I've got a newish computer and want to make sure I've got a spare USB (wherever it is!!) before I buy a scanner.

Any ideas on best scanner around at the moment for office (at home) use?

  Djohn 18:29 29 Jan 2003

USB on rear of PC is usually near the mouse and keyboard connectors, and rectangle in shape, (quite small).

If you do not have any, but your motherboard supports USB, then you can buy a PCI card to fit in the rear with anything from two - four connectors.

  goll_y 18:33 29 Jan 2003

I'm not sure. Below the mouse and keyboard connectors seems to be a small gap and to the left of it is like two small slots. Above the printer connection but not rectangle shape.

  €dstow 18:38 29 Jan 2003

These slots, do they have a four pronged "thingy" with the top and the two lower outer prongs with knobs on, stamped in the metal at the side of them? Often there is "USB" stamped there as well.


  goll_y 18:46 29 Jan 2003

mmm, ok, I've got one space for a joystick I think. The other one has 4 prongs at the top, 5 at the bottom (just like the connection where the printer cable goes, just a little smaller I think). Doesn't say USB though.

  Djohn 18:47 29 Jan 2003

Also if your PC is Newish, 12 months or so, then it most likely has got them, if you let us know the make of PC and the M/Board if poss. then someone will advise.

  €dstow 18:51 29 Jan 2003

What I meant was the pronged thingies are a graphic stamped on the case.


  €dstow 18:52 29 Jan 2003

Have you looked in the instruction book?

  Djohn 18:52 29 Jan 2003

PS, USB will be as I said above, and is a definite slot, similar to a phone socket but a bit bigger.

  goll_y 18:54 29 Jan 2003

which is better assuming I've got the port (I want to scan negatives) - CSD1250U2F at £118.99 or Epson Perfection 1260 at £70.50. Not sure about the USB though.

  Rumple 18:57 29 Jan 2003

hello. your pc will ko0st likely have a USB port fitted. To locate the USB port look for a small rectangular slot (2 mm X 2mm) and will have the USB symbol on it. The symbol looks like a tree branch on its side like the one below.
I hope this helps. Unfortuantly this forum does not support pictures and so my diagram is the best i can do for the mo. If you continue to have probs email me and i will show you a better diagram on where to locate and identify a USB port

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