scanner trouble

  musiclady 13:00 14 Apr 2005

I have a genius scanner which i have not used for a while.When i have tried the background is yellow and i cant get rid of it.Is it on its death bed???

  Technotiger 13:17 14 Apr 2005

Hi, could you give us a bit more information in order that we may assess whether we can offer assistance or not. What OS are you using ('98 or XP for instance), and what exactly are you trying to scan? and what happens when you do try?


  Diemmess 13:26 14 Apr 2005

Can you do a test scan from its own software rather than a pukka image handling program?

If you can, and the background looks yellow on your monitor then in my view it is time.........

  Technotiger 14:15 14 Apr 2005

By email -

i'm using xp, when i scana a small photo the background is all yellow
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I doubt if the scanner is at fault, I would think that probably you are not setting-up the scanner preferences properly. But afraid I am only guessing. This needs someone here with the same scanner - mine is Epson.

  Technotiger 14:21 14 Apr 2005

ps - there are usually different settings for scanning different types of photo/document, i.e.
Colour/Mono/Greyscale, each of which give different results.

musiclady - please do not use Yellow Envelope to write direct, please use your Thread so that everyone can see what you are saying, so that they too can offer their assistance. The Yellow envelope should only be used by invitation. Please don't get upset, this is just Forum Policy.


  jack 14:26 14 Apr 2005

A scanner unused for a while implies a device made for use by W95/98.

Although some scanners made when 2000/XP was in the offing were available as dual standard many were 95/98 only and will not function correctly if at all on XP.
This is bacuse the firm ware in the scanner that controls scan/tracking/colour etc.,would be DOS/95/98
Whilst XP is of course NTFS Mustek among others offered driver upgrades but they seldom worked.

  woodchip 14:26 14 Apr 2005

Only thing that I can think is the reflector in the lid should be clean white, and a good bright light in the bottom. if the light is dim then it's not worth the cost of replacing it

  Diemmess 15:40 14 Apr 2005


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