Scanner (Tevion Flatbed) Problem

  Bingalau 16:27 14 Aug 2005

In the tray near the clock at the bottom right of my monitor screen is an "Icon" for my scanner. I made the mistake of clicking on it and obviously clicked something I shouldn't have. Result! I can't get the darned thing back on again. I have tried different ways including un-installing it and re-installing it. All to no avail. I am running Windows Xp2 .. Anybody got any suggestions? (Clean ones please). .. Bingalau

  Diodorus Siculus 17:36 14 Aug 2005

See if it is mentioned in msconfig




It may be there so you can set it to run at startup.

In the options for the software, is there anything that offers to load at startup?

  Bingalau 21:24 14 Aug 2005

Diodorus Siculus! Have now typed in and looked in msconfig, but can't see any sign of anything useful. I will have another bash at uninstalling and reinstalling tomorrow. Thanks for advice. I will crack it sooner or later.

  woodchip 21:40 14 Aug 2005

You need to do a search after uninstall from add remove for the scanner as it's leaving the .ini file for it, this is for the settings so you need to find and remove the file before you re-install

  Bingalau 13:26 16 Aug 2005

Can anyone tell me how to find the above mentioned .ini file? Because so far I have been unsuccessful.......Bingalau

  johnnyrocker 13:37 16 Aug 2005

try start/searchfiles/folders and the name of scanner se what it brings up.


  woodchip 14:42 16 Aug 2005

If you type


it will show all ini files you can double click each to see contents. You should then find the correct one, also look at the left column to see where the ini path starts if it's in a program then you know it is not the scanner without looking at it. Most likely folder that it will be in, is System32 folder.

If you find the file, make a note of the path and where it should be for if you need to put it back, then move the file, just in case you need to restore it.

  Bingalau 16:56 16 Aug 2005

Sorry for delay...have just found the .ini file and I deleted it and a few more that mentioned the word "Scanner" Re-booted computer and installed scanner again. But I am still getting the same result which are messages telling me the scanner can't be found... One thing I have noticed is that the transformer thing which plugs in to the mains is not even warm and I have a feeling it should be...The icon in the tray at the bottom of computer just says "Scanner not ready" and has a "No Entry" symbol over it. .. Any more ideas anybody and thanks for the help so far from Woodchip, Johhnyrocker and Diodorus Siculus. In the end I may still be in the guarantee period for the scanner (I hope) and will be able to take it back. But I was getting used to it... Bingalau..

  woodchip 18:18 16 Aug 2005

transformer it's gone you need one of those cheap one about £2.50

PS if it as gone the light on the scanner does not work. That should come on if it's all switched on when you boot your computer up

  Bingalau 19:41 16 Aug 2005

woodchip..I think you are right... I will go and get one in the morning...Thanks again I will let you know as soon as it's confirmed. Meanwhile I will wait before I tick this thread...Thanks for the help..Bingalau

  Bingalau 20:20 23 Aug 2005

Sorry for delay, I have been waiting for a reply to an "E" Mail I sent to the manufacturers with a little query. So far they have not replied. I have also been away for a few days and only got back last night, I will tick this thread and start a new one if required. (If I don't get the scanner going with the use of the new cable and transformer thingy)...

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