scanner set up

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 18:40 25 May 2003

can anyone please talk me through the set up of my new cannon scanner the make is cannon n1240u
it is plugged into the usb port but it is not working as i am a novice and i really dont know what to do, i have a disk with it, do i install that first if so how? i use win xp pro on my laptop and would love it for someone to show me step by step how to do it.

Many thanks


  powerless 18:47 25 May 2003

Disconnect the scanner.

Now put the CD in and let it autorun. Install the software and Drivers of this disc. (should do this automatically)

Now connect up the scanner and Windows XP will do the rest.

  BarryKeith 18:56 25 May 2003

Unfortunately, XP will not do the rest,If you are running XP, then the drivers do not get installed automatically, it must be done manually.Install the drivers for your scanner and follow these instructions. As WinXP supports the Scanner with an own WIA driver model it is necessary to manually exchange the standard scanner driver. For this, open the Device Manager and double click on the scanner entry in the category Imaging Device. In the Properties dialog window, tab "Driver", click "Update driver" and select the option "Software from a list...". In the next Step select the option "Do not search...". The Hardware-Assistant will display the available drivers. Select the scanner Driver: "USB Scanner". Ignore (!) any Warning that the driver has no WindowsXP Logo certificate and continue with the installation, also ignore the entry with the name of your scanner as that is the windows driver. Restart WinXP. Now you can use your scanner.

  powerless 18:58 25 May 2003

They are not installed as you have to do it manually.

click here and wait a few seconds for Driver installation.

  powerless 18:59 25 May 2003

I just found that out.

  Djohn 19:05 25 May 2003

Powerless is correct, disconnect scanner, then insert CD, it will auto run, follow instructions also install "Adobe Elements" if on CD as this is your software for viewing and adjusting photo's.

Program will walk you through the install and tell you when it's finished, and to remove the CD from drive. Then connect the scanner, little window pops up saying "new hardware", Canon scanner. thats it.

On first use the Canon will do an auto run to set up the software and calibrate itself. J.

  Djohn 19:11 25 May 2003

Erm! I apologise, it seems to be different for your model than the one I have, Canon Lide50, this does install twain drivers from the CD. J.

  woodchip 19:33 25 May 2003

It will still not work I do not think, until he removes the usb in device manager. When installing a usb hardware scanner, printer or other when it's switched on windows wizard asks for drivers or windows disc this is whare the fun starts, as it is alway's advisable to click in the wizard cancel button then run the Software CD that you get with the usb Hardware so that it loads the driver and the software in one go. if this is not done the only way is to remove USB from Device Manager and do it the correct way as above. Correct me if I am wrong but I have had to sort a lot of USB probs that way.

  Djohn 19:59 25 May 2003

Must admit, this placed a doubt in my mind, so I logged off, removed driver and software disconnected scanner, and tried again.

Placed CD in drive, it auto run put in TWAIN drivers and program software, connected scanner and did a test print. perfect.

Still just to make double sure I went into device manager, "XP Pro." clicked to scanner, listed as Canon, checked properties and driver version. display says, C\windows_TWAIN 32 cnql 50\ tpm.DLL.

To me that appears that the Canon CD placed it's own TWAIN drivers in place of XP's, I may be wrong on this because I'm not very technical.

But tried a couple of other methods, one was the link from Powerless and also followed the advice from BarryKeith. No difference at all, still the same result as I get from doing an install straight from CD and following on-screen instructions. Confused. J.

  VoG™ 20:09 25 May 2003

Similar here with my LIDE20 (yes, I know I'm a cheapskate).

Maybe it depends on the scanner model as to whether there is a "black art" in installing the drivers.

  powerless 20:13 25 May 2003

"Similar here with my LIDE20 (yes, I know I'm a cheapskate)."

What with 50quids worth of 2MB cable, pull the other one ;-) hehe


ΆØL HåŁęŖ when you read this follow the intructions from my click here and if it installs and it works post back and if it does not post back and tell us what happened.

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