scanner repair?

  raymond leslie-295325 12:41 05 Feb 2003

I have been advised by local PC World that scanners, because of their construction, cannot be repaired. My UMAX Astra 2100 U will not scan objects - it produces instead on the monitor a pattern of coloured stripes. Is it a goner?

  JoeC 12:46 05 Feb 2003

My Canon scanner just needed a bulb replaced - quoted cost to inspect it and report was £75. New scanner was £50 - enough said.

  Gongoozler 12:49 05 Feb 2003

Hi lilliput. If your scanner was working normally and then suddenly stopped, and if your computer is working properly otherwise, then it is most likely that the scanner has failed. I never like to say that anything cannot be repaired, but with Umax scanners selling at under £30 including vat click here, it would not be economical for the repairer even to try to diagnose the fault, and any spares would probably cost more than the scanner.

  MAJ 12:49 05 Feb 2003

It'll (usually) be a lot cheaper to buy a new scanner than to get the old one repaired. If it's still within warranty, though, you could push the seller for a replacement.

  [email protected] 13:00 05 Feb 2003

possibly not. this happens sometimes with scanners & usually you have to go to the manufacturers site & upgrade the software. Normally you should find answers in HELP I simply cleaned the scanner glass because oil off fingers can cause this problem

  wags 13:00 05 Feb 2003

Liliput, I had exactly the same problem with the same scanner(Umax Astra 2100u),with all scans being displayed as green and yellow vertical lines. My research concluded, as others here have advised, that a replacement scanner is the cheapest route. Infact I replaced it with a Canon N670, which is superb and cost about £60.

  Audeal 14:29 05 Feb 2003

lilliput: I have recently had this problem where coloured lines and wide coloured sections are shown across the scanned picture making it useless. I found this was cured by changing the scan resolution. eg. I normally scan at 200dpi, so I scanned at 190dpi and it worked for me. It may not, however, work in all cases. It's worth a try.

  Gongoozler 15:37 05 Feb 2003

Wide stripes such as described by lilliput, wags and Audeal are usually caused by a memory problem. Scanning at a lower resolution can ease the timing and cure the problem as Audeal found, otherwise a replacement is about the only solution.

  wags 17:43 05 Feb 2003

I note what Audeal and Gongoozler say, but I have plenty of RAM and I usually scanned on the Umax at no more than 300-450dpi without any previous problem, so I dont think this is a memory issue. I also cleaned the glass etc to no avail. I concluded that the bulb had had its day and that the most viable solution was a one way ticket to the local dump and a visit to PC World to find a reasonbly priced ( and better ) replacement.

  Gongoozler 17:46 05 Feb 2003

wags, I am not referring to your computer ram, but the memory inside the scanner that may be faulty, or being addressed wrongly.

  wags 17:51 05 Feb 2003

Thanks for putting me right on that one Gongoozler.

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