Scanner (or Printer) Problem

  ray7 20:15 15 Feb 2003

A short while after installing a new Scanner (Microtek) it suddenly started previewing and scanning a white document, but completed this as a Pale blue document. The resulting printed copy also ended up pale blue. Problem with the Scanner........Hold it!...the plot deepens.

I uninstalled the Microtek nand installed a new Canon. Same result but now its a Pink Background!

Must be the Printer. Yet the printer prints any unscanned document e.g. from a file, perfectly.

Can anyone help before I go completely round the twist.

  MAJ 21:08 15 Feb 2003

I think the printer is okay, it sounds like a scanner cable or scanner port problem. How are both the scanner and printer connected to your computer? Did you use the same cable for both scanners? Did you attach both scanners to the same port (LPT1 or USB)?

  ray7 21:21 15 Feb 2003

Different cables were used on each scanner and I've tried swithing to a different USB Port. The only thing I can recall doing was moving the cable from the direct port, to a port on a 4 way extension. I've since swithed it back to the original with no success. (Does that lot make sense?)

  MAJ 21:30 15 Feb 2003

It makes sense, ray7. Recently someone had a similar problem with a scanner, I can't remember who it was at the moment, but it turned out he had used the wrong power supply for the scanner. Is there any chance you could have made the same mistake? If not the only other things I can think of is a driver installation problem, or try installing the scanner on another computer to see if the problem re-occurrs.

  davidg_richmond 21:35 15 Feb 2003

let us know what chipset your PC uses as there can often be incompatibility problems between scanners and certain chipsets (notably Mustek with SiS, and one other i forget with VIA 4-in-1)

  ray7 21:53 15 Feb 2003

Maj. No possibility of using wrong power supply. Both scanners used thier specific drivers. I also checked the driver for the printer (Epson 830 Photo) and all seemed O.K.

davidg.... You're going over my head when you talk 'chipsets' Sorry, but can you simplify it for a novice

  _Treb_ 14:26 16 Feb 2003

Shot in the dark. If you were scanning a document as in text document were you scanning with Lineart or colour. If scanning in colour the scanned document can sometimes acquire a coloured hue.

  ray7 19:31 16 Feb 2003

Thanks for the shot. Scanning in colour but have tried scanning in Greyscale. The only thing that changes is the pretty blue or pink turns to pale grey

  _Treb_ 20:08 16 Feb 2003

I would still try scanning in Lineart as it's 2 bit

  MAJ 20:18 16 Feb 2003

Have you tried the scanner on another computer yet, ray7, it would help to rule in, or out, a problem with the scanner itself. I know it sounds unlikely that both scanners could have the same problem, but it's possible, or even if it's a problem with your USB ports.

  ray7 22:20 16 Feb 2003

Treb....I will take your advise and give it a try and let youknow the result

MAJ I won't have access to another computer until next week but I intend do so.

I am now beginning to suspect the Ports, although having said that, I did try swithching the Printer to parallel but the same thing happened.
I couldnt do that with the scanner as it only has USB.
, but different scanners with different cables makes me wonder could my suspicions be correct.Your suggestion MAJ may answer that question.

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